Your guide to camping in Sahara Desert

If you are planning to visit a country that carries a portion of the Sahara Desert, you should not miss paying a visit to the third largest desert in the world. It brings to you some amazing experiences such as riding on camel backs as the sun sets and counting the stars while you lay down to sleep under the African sky. Enjoy the drum to dinner and the traditional Berber tent is already there to welcome you to Sahara desert camp.

A lot of people don’t know what they should do when going to the desert. Some of them are nervous as they are going to explore the desert life for the first time while others are a bit overly excited with their adventurous nature luring them. There are certain things that you should know about going to the Sahara Desert and here we will share some valuable information with you.

Packing for Sahara

Usually, people are afraid of the desert’s harsh climate which is dry and hot. They tend to pack short clothes, with sleeveless shirts and shorts. While there is no doubt that you are going to have some hard time under the sun, one should consider long pants and full shirts because you would not wish to have the sand hitting your body and brushing against it.

Also, consider the fact that the nights can be pretty cold in the deserts. Even if you are going in extremely hot weather, the nights can be a bit too cold for a single layer. Especially, if you plan to go to sahara desert camp and spend a night under the stars, consider adding an extra layer to protect you from cold breezes. Get some close-toed shoes along with sleepers.

Spending your money

Individuals tend to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things, not realizing the fact that they are spending it in the wrong manner. Invest in the things that are valuable and make sure that you are comfortable in the area. You won’t like staying in the desert for long if you are not at ease which is why one should not feel shy in paying some extra money for good camps. One should have access to an appropriate toilet while clean linen and neat camps are musts. Going cheap may save you some bucks but you don’t wish to be packed in vehicles under the sun with no air conditioner as you are off to long route.

Be on time and enjoy yourself

Make sure that you are on time to watch the sun setting down on the desert and wake up early to see the night sky going away as the sun says hello to the desert. Give yourself enough time to go trekking and camping. Spend some money on a camel ride and going out for a desert ride. Be certain that you are making your every moment and every single penny count and better be there in the months of April, May, or September, October.

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