Why you need an alternative to Google chrome?

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world but being popular doesn’t mean that it is enough to cater to all the needs. Chrome surely is the best and great and it is doing a wonderful job with the passing time but still there are things for which you need something other than Google Chrome. Chrome is the popular choice and there are a lot of reasons behind its being popular that includes it is having the standard support form HTML5, extensions, and integration with the cloud services and much more. But nothing could be perfect nor Chrome could be and you need to try Google chrome alternatives for the following main reasons:

–    Fast downloads

One of the main reasons for which people should switch them from Google Chrome to any other alternative is that people want to have fast downloads. Sometimes it may happen that Google chrome load the web pages late and this is why people might thing shifting them to a better and fast server. There are customized designed browsers which load the pages in bits of data and this is how the mobile data is also saved by loading the web page faster.

–    Battery usage

Normally the batteries which you use have got limited power and while you are using Google Chrome, the battery is used more because there are background tabs running which reduce your battery.  But as a substitute, using another server which saves your battery life won’t be a bad option at all.

–    Phishing

Recent studies show that Chrome blocks less number of phishing ads and dangerous URLs as compared to the other substitute servers. We all hate those phishing attempts and unknown URLs and we need to do something to stop them from creating the mess with our devices. The best thing for you then to do is using an alternative website to do all you’re downloading and web surfing. This is how you can browse safely.

–    Prevention from malware

The same studies which showed that Google is slow at blocking dangerous URL have suggested that Google Chrome is included in the web browsers with whom malware attacks a device. The malware which enters the device this way is the social engineering malware and that is entered to a device when the unknown links are opened on a device which is sent by the hijacked email accounts.

–    VPN

People like their privacy to be protected and that privacy is at risk while they are using Google Chrome so to get a VPN enabled, you surely need to shift yourself towards another good and secure server.

–    Diving into web

While using the Chrome Browser, you can’t just use it as a way you can use any other platform like with other browsers, all the tabs and the bookmarks are arranged in a space like there are arrangements on your desktop. If you want to dive in the web and make the things easier for you, then you certainly need the best browser for downloading URL.

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