Why should you climb Kilimanjaro?

The climbers love climbing Kilimanjaro and there are a lot of reasons in the background for this, however for you to know that why Kilimanjaro is the best mountains for climbing, following mentioned are some of the reasons:

–    The easiest to climb

Kilimanjaro is the easiest to climb from all the seven summits with the technical point of view. While you are climbing at Kilimanjaro, you don’t need any special gears or even don’t need any ropes.  According to the records, the youngest to reach the summit was a six-year-old guy and the eldest of all was of age 83 and this he did in the year 2011. Well, this age record doesn’t mean that this is easy to climb Kilimanjaro because each year the average number of climbers faces altitude sickness while climbing.

–    location

Kilimanjaro is accessible as well as remote. It is situated in Tanzania which is the south of the equator and is next to Serengeti.  There are regular and nonstop flights from Europe to Kilimanjaro airport. There is good transportation system around the mountains and this infrastructure involves hotels, rent gears, transportation, and outfitters as well. On the main routes, there are sleeping huts too for the ease of the climbers especially for those who are with their families.

–    Perfection

Kilimanjaro is totally pristine while the Everest’s strew with trash. Kilimanjaro is situated in a national park which remains clean throughout the year. The rangers at the park are responsible for all the bags coming off the mountains and the trekking companies have to pay heavy fines if there is any mess of the bags. This helps in reducing the dumping on this trail and this is something which proves to be helpful in providing a luxurious environment. Though to the mountains, there are no roads and are seven trails to the summit and the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro is also not high.  As a result of it, there is relatively higher traffic but still, the mountain has retained its wild nature.

–    Natural wonder

Kilimanjaro is the greatest natural wonder of the world and it is a mountain covered with snow situated on the equator and is surrounded by a green forest. Climbing this mountain is like walking from the North Pole just in a week which provides dramatic changes to the life of animals and vegetation as well. This is also called to be a sky land because of its higher altitudes which have created a habitat for the unique forms of life which are uncommon and only found at some of the peaks of this planet. The uncommon unique species include bizarre Kilimanjaro tree and the bizarre.

–    Climatic changes

This is the hottest spot to study for the climatic changes especially.  Teams of the scientists are also doing research for the climatic changes of this mountain to develop a better and a clear understanding of actually what is happening to the climate and weather over there. There are different predictions as well but nothing is so sure yet.


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