Why MOT is better than the car servicing?

This simply is the visual inspection of a car that is necessarily done but the garages are not allowed to dismantle or to strip down the components of it and this is what makes it harder as this is nearly impossible for the garage to make you sure regarding what your car actually needs and what not. MOT test is important for almost all types of cars because this is an inspection criterion that has been settled by the government to check the reliability of a vehicle and to judge its life span.

Car service

This also is basically a category of inspection but if you get you’re booking with a wrong one, the MOT test inspection, later on, could get much complicated. However, the MOT servicing of the vehicle you own is needed to be done almost year because it includes servicing in its self and it is better with the safety aspects too because it strips down the safety components in the procedure being carried out.

Every vehicle garage facilitates you with a different type of service however what truly matters is the set of guidelines which you must have provided with by the car manufacturer and these guidelines are different for every car and for every time span as well. In all the said cases, if somehow your garage asks or advises you to replace or repair any component, your first priority should be with getting that thing fixed.

Booking the right MOT service

When you want to do free collection service and MOT booking, in that situation you won’t be in the need for any Major or full service either there wouldn’t be any need for you to change the oil filter or oil as well and the brakes you have in your vehicle should also be stripped down and duly checked so that there is no mistake onwards.

This part is the most important in the MOT inspection process because if somehow your vehicle gets failed in the brake test, this could be trouble so for having a better experience, you need to conduct this test so that the brakes could pass the test. This is the way when there wouldn’t be a year’s motoring left in brakes. This is how the internal problems or the leaks if there are any in your car are also revealed with for the safety perspective are needed to be fixed.

Everything regarding the maintenance of your car depends on some specific components and that is the servicing schedule, the history for the service and the frequency in which you have used your vehicle in the last year. But there are a lot of garages which provide you major or full service when you do your booking for MOT which is actually developed to conduct the inspection checks which previously have been covered by MOT itself. This is why when you want to get the MOT done of your vehicle, you need to select a trusted source so that things may not get problematic in any stage of service.

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