When you should think of replacing your batteries?

If you are into gadgets, you would be in need of batteries regularly. Individuals tend to get a high capacity battery and think that it would run for a long time, not knowing that there are several issues associated with using it. Even the best of batteries would start going out after a while, having an impact on the performance of your machine and making it work inappropriately. So, a lot of drone and bike owners think about when is the right time that they should start thinking of replacing their lipo batteries?

Decreased capacity

Start by taking a look at the capacity of your battery. Even with the best of batteries that are available in the market, you will find that the capacity has decreased with the passage of time and the battery that might power your gadget for hours in the past is no longer handling the charge appropriately, with the capacity decreased to only an hour or so. Considering that, you might think that the battery has gone bad or was not good at all. But the truth is that this is perfectly alright and happens with almost all the batteries. Just replace it when the capacity is too low for you.

Gadget underperforming

There are instances when you will have a gadget which performs perfectly for a while and then starts underperforming. Moreover, people do get new batteries just to find out that despite they fit alright and go perfectly with their drones they are unable to achieve the top speed. So, why this happens? Well, the discharge rate of your batter may not be appropriate for your machine, which means that it is not getting enough power to function at its best.

Machine lagging

You are in the middle of an RC cars race and just as you are taking the turn, the controller lags, taking your car off the track. Well, it hurts but only because you weren’t careful about your batteries. There are times with a battery will lose its power, making the machine lag and just as you put in some extra load on it by doing a fancy flip or taking a sharp turn, it loses the power for a while. So, this might be the time you replace those old batteries with a pair of new lithium ion batteries and make your gadget function appropriately.

Batteries not working

Last but not least, there are instances when the batteries simply won’t work anymore. It is because the charge will go away with the passage of time and they won’t have anything in them to power your machine. Whether it is a rechargeable battery or a regular one, it happens to all of them and they lose the capacity to hold on to the charge, giving the machine power when required. So, if you have a pair of batteries that are outdated or don’t go appropriately with your machine, maybe it is time for you to buy new ones.

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