When and why your vehicle needs MOT?

Vehicles are needed to be tested every year to makes sure that the vehicle complies with all the road safety instructions and environmental safety requirements. Normally the vehicles that are three years old need an MOT testing. The MOT is the first test which is required for almost every vehicle at least when it becomes three years old.  But the rules imply differently on each kind of vehicle that is when you are using a taxi instead of any other normal vehicle, the vehicle needs to be tested and the MOT is like for looking some of the very important ingredients to check that whether they meet their legal requirements or not. While you are thinking to get the MOT test conducted of your vehicle, one thing for you to always keep in mind that getting the MOT certificate doesn’t make your vehicle so much reliable from the perspective of its mechanical condition too. You to avoid being late for the MOT could get Free Collection Delivery MOT Service Reading and save your time from being with the vehicle for the whole process of MOT.

Well for the testing of the vehicles, that is normal for the vehicles if they are not registered for it to be used on the road and the MOT is then required to be conducted after three years since the vehicle has been registered like for instance if you are using a vehicle that has been registered from April 2014 and let’s say its 1st April, the MOT is needed to be conducted not after than 1st April 2017.  There are some instances where the vehicles are used before their registration and that is the case when the vehicles are imported and in such scenarios, the vehicles are required to undergo an MOT three years later from the date of its manufacture. Let’s say a vehicle that has been manufactured in 2014 is needed to undergo an MOT until the end of 2017.  The grace period is hardly granted once these dates are passed so to prevent such situations try having Free Collection Delivery Car Servicing Reading.

For the vehicles which have undergone the tests with the calendar months that is obviously before the MOT due date, the certification of the test would then run exactly from the date the test was conducted on to the expiry date of the certification which you have got of your vehicle. In such scenario let’s say the vehicle’s certificate was due to expire to 1st April 2007 and the vehicle had been actually presented in March 2007, the certificate then tends to be run in from the date of test that would be till 1st April 2008. There would be the application of the same rules when the vehicle is taken in the calendar months for conducting its first MOT. In such situations, it becomes necessary for the vehicle owner to present his vehicle’s registration documents. In some cases, when the vehicles are tested just before one month of the MOT’s due date, it is supposed to run for more twelve months.

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