Whatsapps new feature: whatsapp status

How many of you have noticed a strang change in whatsapp app’s new feature, yes I am talking about the WhatsApp status/WhatsApp story feature? Ok, let’s first talk about the new (not so new) feature. As we all know whatsapp is owned by the social media giant -Facebook and Zuk want to take over each and every app that shows some competition to his empire. This time they turned to snapchat. let me explain if you are not aware of snapchat app, it is insta messaging app that let you share your daily life moments in video and images format that disappears after 4 hours. So you can s\post anything you want and it will stay on your timeline only for 24 hours than you need to post again.

With lots of cool filters, snapchat attracted the new generation that is already tired of Facebook postings. And in this unique way, snapchat was creating a unique slightly different audience. Facebook started with the Instagram (child app) adding the same feature of stories like snapchat. people gave a huge response and then they copied same in Facebook app, Facebook messenger and also lately but in the whatsapp app. if you have updated your app, you will see three tabs from now, one chat, second is status and third is of calls.

The different trend in whatsapp status.

As after whatsapp launched this feature, many people, especially from India, started posting different news or other helpful videos and images on their status what they were sharing in groups before. if you see, most of the people sharing 30-second WhatsApp status video of Bollywood songs, fully clips and a lot of other stuff which is slightly different but very useful. You can simply download this type of WhatsApp status video from hdvideostatus.in WhatsApp status sharing site and post on your timeline. Videos are already trimmed to 30-seconds and in a supported format so you do not need to do any editing work.

How are WhatsApp stories different from the snapchat?

Whatsapp let you share media on your status like snapchat and it lasts for 24 hours. it also gives some editing features but not close to snapchat filters in any way. Instead of followers in snapchat, WhatsApp shows your story to the contacts saved on your mobile and using WhatsApp. Here thing to note is that if both people have to save each other’s mobile number then only their stories are visible to each other which is a bit different but privacy feature compared to the old WhatsApp status feature where anyone with your number can see your status.

You can also select with whom you want to share your status. Like you can exclude any contact from your contact list or select a particular number of contacts you want to share with. It is best when you do not want to show your updates to some people or only want to show to some people.

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