What’s New in Digital Marketing – Trends & Issues 2018

There are many changes in digital marketing since 2016. Some of them are known because of issues highlighted in the past. However, some of them will become part of the news soon. Today we are publishing something very different about internet marketing on our blog. Google is dynamic, it wasn’t true in past but now it is changing the way it analyses a website every day. Some call it Artificial Intelligence or some may give the name of new algorithm updates. The question is how mobile surfing and social media is bringing change to digital marketing in 2018 and 2019. Moreover, we must monitor the viable communication channels that are increasing every day. Through this, we can see what the impact on our international markets and how making leads are now easy even with trade barriers worldwide.

Google’s Reaction Via Updates

There are many updates with a greater impact on search engines. Webmasters are now following google policies and updating their websites every day. However, some are still making link strategies to outrank their competitors on the world’s top search engine i.e. Google. As per some digital marketing experts, Google wants their users to see quality, relevant, complete and accurate content against a search query.

Surfing through Mobile Phones

“Steakhouse near me” type of searches increased since 2014 due to the availability of GPS in smartphone devices. Due to this marketer started local strategies to appear top in google suggestions. However, now people write long questions like “best steakhouse that serves jalapeno steak in Chicago”. Therefore, marketers need to focus on improving the content that gives the answer to multiple search queries.

Increase Social Media Interaction

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter was everywhere before 5 years. But now the game has changed and networks like Snapchat, WhatsApp & Pinterest are also getting good followers/users. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to only rely on the search engine for good sales and traffic. It is important for every brand, seller, artist, and blogger to also have a strong social media presence.

Viable Communication Methods (Cost Friendly)

Communication cost due to applications like messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype are decreasing every day. People use these viable communication methods to communicate with their clients and customers. In this way approaching a different market is easy than before. Some countries like Saudi Arabia and U.A.E are putting blocks on calls via these applications to help their mobile networks. Similarly, in the USA and UK, the cost of using data internet from mobile is more than underdeveloped countries like India & China.  However, these viable communication methods for digital marketing are still spreading.

Increased Approach to International Markets

With mobile phones, social media and new communication methods, digital marketing is easier to implement in International Markets. It helps everyone to grow fast and reach a bigger audience within no time.

Leads & Ignorance of Geographical Barriers

The trade barriers for formal selling/marketing are also eliminated because with digital marketing, most of the deals are done online and contracts are fulfilled by third parties.

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