What is a URL shortener and why you should use it?

There are a lot of times when you would see a tiny bit of URL taking you to a web page where the address bar says something completely different. How does this happen? Well, with a little help from URL shorteners.

People use URL shorteners in many ways. You might be looking to just make your URLs small or maybe it is you trying to earn some extra bucks as there is a top best URL shorteners list to make money for you. Here, we will talk about the service in detail and why people use it.

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a service, usually an online tool, that helps you in making your URLs small. People use the existing shortening URL services and some get it integrated with custom domains that they register for their business, which is something advanced. Nevertheless, the job of a URL shortener is to take your web address, make a webpage in its directory or website that has a very small URL and give it to you. As the user clicks on the given link, the user reaches to the webpage of URL shortener which is programmed to redirect the user to your website. For instance, you might have a URL like http://www.yourweb.com/cat/subcat/blogpost-keyword-complete-link. When you put it into a URL shortener, you might end up with something like http://www.sho.rt/p3E45dR. The latter, http://www.sho.rt/p3E45dR, has fewer characters and can be used anywhere required to direct someone to your webpage, http://www.yourweb.com/cat/subcat/blogpost-keyword-complete-link. When a person clicks on a former address, he will end up at the latter which is your website.

Why people use URL shorteners?

There are certain reasons why people use such services.

First of all, we all love to be on social media. However, there are instances when we are bound by character limits per post. For example, Twitter only allows you to tweet 140 characters. Considering that, the shorter your URL is, the more space you have to state something else.

Moreover, the short URLs come with a better aesthetic appeal. Why Twitter has only 140 characters? A common answer is that people have a short attention span when scrolling through their feeds and that is why things are kept short and straight, to the point. So, your short URL may end up being a little more appealing than you think.

Also, there are some URL shorteners that allow you to do some sort of traffic monitoring. For instance, you put up a web post and send it to your Insta, FB, and Twitter accounts. Now, you want to see from where you are getting traffic the most. Make 3 short URLs and embed them into each post. The URL monitoring system will help you in knowing that which source (shortened URL) generated the highest number of leads.

And lastly, people use URL shorteners to earn some extra bucks. When users click on shortener, they are directed to a page momentarily where they are shown an ad. You are paid per 1000 visitors. For more, you can consider taking a look at the top best URL shorteners list to make money.

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