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A Broader View Volunteers ( ABV ) :

Our organization comprises of different volunteer programs which are working on the ground level since 2007. We provide the ability to the people to open their minds through traveling to different places in the world. This helps to create a deeper understanding of the world around them and make them aware of the different cultures.      The overall process of our organization is safe and affordable. It reaches up to 27 different countries across Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Our organization provides the following volunteer programs.

To Apply :

People who want to work as volunteers in the given programs can apply through our official website. Make sure to go through all the information regarding the programs.

Conversational Environmental :

This program involves important tasks in the sheltered areas and the administrative areas. The activities will include cleaning, maintenance using hand tools, management, and tourism education. Some of the examples which the volunteers can see in our organization’s official website are Environmental and Climate program in Uganda, Animal Rescue Shelter in Costa Rica, Street Dog Care Center in Nepal, Animal Welfare Center in India etc.

HIV / AIDS Prevention Care :

If the volunteers are interested in preventing one of deadliest diseases in the world then he or she can apply through our organization. The tasks for the volunteers will be to provide awareness, education, and care of HIV infected patients among the communities. Our volunteer teams are working on the Pre-medical Research in Ghana, HIV Orphans and Community Care Opportunities in Nepal and HIV Awareness and Care in Tanzania and Honduras.

Orphanage Child Care :

This program is one of our main programs where the volunteers have to focus on children. The main purpose of this program is to help with the operations day to day in the orphanage so that the children are able to get good quality food, care, housing, and education. Individual attention is also our main goal so that our organization can make a difference in anyone’s life. We require both males and females which are required to provide basic English education to the orphans, to create awareness for good health and hygienic habits. Volunteers can also organize different recreational games, sports lessons and also counsel the children on various things. Washing, cooking, changing diapers are also some of the things that the volunteers have to do.

Social Welfare :

Our volunteer organizations also offer a social welfare program which is designed to promote the basic well being of all the people. The program provides the educational, cultural, medical and financial assistance to the people who are most needy and vulnerable in the community like the people who have special needs. Elderly people and those who have experienced some kind of abuse are also included in the list of vulnerable individuals. Meanwhile,e our organization is working in Ecuador by creating a welfare shelter, social welfare in Colombia and Child Labor Project happening in Ghana Kasoa.


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