Top countries worth visiting

For the tourists seeking for any tourist attractions to have their best time and to enjoy the beauty of nature and also of historical spots here is a list of top 5 worth visiting countries with respect to tourism:

  1. Albania

Albania is a beautiful country neighboring with Greece and Croatia and it’s famous for the established tourist radar on it. For most of the travelers, Albania is still a mystery but for them who have explored it with great interest would know about the UNESCO world heritage locations present there and the most important spot from the tourism point of view is Butrint and that’s a Greek city. Moreover, the amazingly gorgeous mountains of Albania catch the attention of tourists. The other beautiful locations include mountain lakes, Ottoman Architecture and pristine beaches which are the great pieces of historic beauty. Albania somehow is still underrated in Europe but it’s really worth visiting.

  1. Italy

Italy is the 2nd most beautiful country in the world with respect to tourism. It is the home of Romans and is the live example of Renaissance Era’s architecture. You can never find such a historically beautiful country ever. Italy is full of beautiful traces, picturesque trails and vast cultural backgrounds that you are sure to enjoy most there. It is the place to make memories and to have a pleasant feel of your trip. Another thing which is the best in Italy is food and it’s certainly the best thing for the foodies to know. Italy’s cuisine is regarded as one of the best cuisines in the world. Rome is also a top destination in Italy and the other important destinations which you should not miss visiting are Venice, Florence, and Tuscany. You can start with Rome which is the spot of cultural treasures and historic destinations. After then you can visit the other mentioned destinations.

  1. Ukraine

Ukraine is also listed as the best country is a tourist attraction and it’s a spot full of sports tourism and recreation. Tourists have the chance of skiing and rock climbing. Other than this, Odessa, Ukraine has a rich archeological history as well as religious history. It is regarded as the topmost cultural countries having a lot of medical resorts in almost all the regions of Ukraine. You can visit Ukraine at very affordable costs and can enjoy one of the world’s most delicious and diverse cuisines. It’s a general conception of the people all over the world that eastern Europeans are bored and less friendly but that’s really not the case but they are friendly. People in Ukraine are really friendly and welcoming. Ukraine is famous for having the most beautiful women in the world and this is known about almost everyone. To get more information click here. Ukraine is historically rich and the most beautiful cultural country. You can get more details at Ukraine Real.

  1. India

India is also famous for its historic buildings and cultural heritage. Other than this, its northern areas are regarded as the most beautiful visiting spots in the world.

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