Top benefits of freelancing that you can’t enjoy being into a desk job

Freelancing allows a freelancer to work freely with full flexibility and freedom which a person can’t enjoy while being on a desk job. Since most of the times, you have the complete choice in freelancing about which type of work you would do and whom you would collaborate with. The time of the day which you will work in and the duration of work too are also determined by you. You by yourself would decide the location from where you would do your work and you will be the one to decide the volume of work you are going to take on. Freelancing involves all these active and conscious choices which are not available in desk jobs. When you work as a freelancer, you then no longer need to adjust yourself in a work schedule or a company culture which could put you in emotional, physical and mental stress. You can get yourself registered in freelance jobs and community to enjoy the following mentioned most important key benefits of being a freelancer:

–    Controlled workload

One of the best and key advantages that you enjoy being a freelancer is that you can control the workload on you on your own. When you have got a lot of clients to handle and you are no more ready to handle stress, you have the option to drop some task. This is also better for your health to control your workload. There is also been a research conducted in Kanas State University according to which the employees who work for 50 hours per week usually get a prey to physical and mental health issues. There is another study been conducted by the European Researchers who have done that the people who work more than 10 hours a day have increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases which includes 60 percent of those who suffer from a heart attack?

–    Fewer chances of falling sick

There are a lot of freelancers who work from home and their working situation most of the times is fine and this why there are very fewer chances for them to fall sick. They don’t need to move remotely to do their dealings with their clients and colleagues. A lot of offices are now trying to move away from the cubicle layouts and they are now creating new plans so that they could increase collaboration and communication among their employees and clients. According to a study, from the time people have started making these plans, all these efforts had led them to have more normal lives and fewer people now would get sick.

–    You can get sleep according to your schedule

Proper sleep is highly needed when you want your health condition to be good. A lot of research had been done till now which shows that the people who take short breaks in their work like for 15 to 20 minutes, they are more likely to be active and they can sustain energy levels for the whole day. Although most of the companies and even the universities have started this practice to provide nap rooms for their students and employees.


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