Top basic styling tips for you

People mostly get confused when it is about fashion and selecting the best outfits for them. Sometimes the main reason behind that confusion is that they might not find the prices of some of the outfits to be affordable and in other condition, they have a confusion regarding which style to be chosen or not. This guide is to provide you with the best styling tips especially regarding the selection for underground streetwear brands. Following mentioned are some of the tips for you to make you more stylish and fashionable in your grunge clothing.

    Get a bigger size

While you want to look for a new piece, you should try something bigger than your size. Wearing fitted clothes is not something in now fashion and to be updated and to look fashionable you need to follow current style tips and the key among them is you need to wear something a size bigger than yours to look classy. It simply means that size 6 if fits you; you should then select size 8 to make it look better. You can also select something in baggy styles and cropped tips. One thing to remember is that you need to be overboard as wearing too many loose clothes would make you look like an alien.

–    Select the right accessories

Selecting the right type of accessories is necessary while you are wearing style. Accessories help in changing your entire look and make you look even classy. You can wear a cap or select shades for your eyes which suits well with your grunge clothing.

–    Wear clashing prints

Sometimes, it may happen that people get afraid of wearing clashing prints as they may think that it could look bad on them. While this perception is totally wrong in most of the most of the cases because clashing prints make you look different and attractive. Well, the colors contrast is completely your intentional choice. But be daring with the prints and colors choice which you make and select something bold.

–    Add layers

When you are wearing for outings, try to add layers in your clothing. Wear a variety of pieces matching with each other to enhance your stylish look and make you look attractive.

–    Add sportswear

You can also add sportswear into your outfit to have a more stylish look and coolness. This is how you can look more classy and cool.

–    Selecting the right shoes

Shoes and their selection has always been an issue for people and to have stylish look and to look better it is necessary that the shoes are selected smartly. The colors, as well as the design of the shoes, also matters. The color of shoes should be selected in a way that they best suit with the color of your outfit. To have a classic look, you can select the shoes of light color with simple designs but to look cool, you need bright colored shoes with trendy designs.


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