Top 5 Accountant Positions Everyone Must Look For


If you are searching for the positions an accountant can have, here are the top five accountant positions a student of accounting filed can opt. These positions include Tac accountant, Auditor, Cost accountant, Forensic accountant, and accounting manager. All these jobs require a somewhat different educational background. Not everyone can have all these posts as they require some special subjects or diplomas to be covered and get eligible for these positions. So, it is better for you to decide the career objective you want to opt and apply for. There are many accounting positions but the topmost available positions for the accountants are:

  • Tax Accountant: This is a myth that tax accountants are only busy during the tax filing season. In fact, they are busy throughout the year and this position is considered as one of the best positions for the accountants. They are paid with a handsome salary that ranges from the $50,000 to more than $75,000. For being an accountant, this is a career where a person can get a huge amount for his services and a promising future. The main tasks they perform include preparing and filing of the income tax and its information for the corporate clients as well as for the individual clients. For a business plan that is proposed they also provide services to their clients to educate them about the tax implications, etc.
  • Auditor: Being an auditor for a firm would be the dream of any accounting student. The salary of an auditor is so attractive that everyone dreams of getting such a promising job. The median of the salary these auditors get is of $65940. Those who enjoy the position of a supervisory auditor may get the salary of more than $92000. Auditing job includes the tasks of assessing the financial statements of the organizations and ensure that all the information provided by the firms is legal and valid or not.
  • Cost Accountant: Cost accountant measures the cost of goods and services during the production process. They mainly focus on the measurement of the variable and fixed cost of a product or service for a manufacturing company. This is also one of the top positions of an accountant that the people from the accounting field want to opt. Cost accountants also get a handsome salary package which ranges from $65,000 to $70,000 annually which makes this position even more attractive.
  • Forensic Accountant: For any unusual activity or any other irregularity in a business, forensic accountants are needed to solve the matter. They investigate such activities and analyse them on the basis of their financial records. They are mostly hired by the attorneys or law enforcement agencies to investigate the corporate crimes and fraud. They are highly paid accountants and their salary ranges from $69,000 to $102,000
  • Accounting Manager: The accounting functions of any business at the professional level are managed by the accounting managers. They are often hired by the firms to perform internal financial information for the organization’s personal use. They get the salary of $45000 to $65000.

These are the five top accountants windsor  positions in a firm which the accounting students wish to apply for and get the job at that position. Among many other accounting jobs, these five jobs are the top paid jobs that are considered to be the best accountant positions for having a successful professional career.

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