Top 10 News Sources on the Internet

The most irritating moment on the media is when you get a fake news on it. There are many news sites that are putting a fake news on it. The owners of the media companies are playing with million billion amount to do so. In this modern age it is very difficult to trust on any news site that it is sharing a right or a fake news. The fake news are almost floating on the media on the daily bases. Here we tell some most famous news sites on the internet which do not share a fake news on their wall. They must be the best option of getting news from the internet.

Associated press

If you are a reader of a news on daily bases and you want read many news daily associated press is on the top of site on the internet. This is a non-profit organization. They post the news based on the reality, no fake news are posted on it. This organization have no concern with the government. They do not go to other news sites to get the news they always prefer the source person where anything happen and get news from the host person.


BBC stands for the British broadcasting corporation. It is the most famous site in the news world. This organization got paid by the government of the America. They are struggling on their site from 85 years. News posted on this site will be correct not fake as they got reputed so much because of their positive behavior in the matter of posting a truth.

Brief news

If you are too much busy person in your daily routine while you have also interest of reading news on the daily basses. The best site about your interest is brief news. They are well-known organization in the world. They put a news by minimizing it on their wall so that a busiest person is also able to go through it.

CNN news

CNN stands for cable news network. It is well known channel for news in all over the world. This organization starts doing work in 1980 and got famous in very short time period. Its Headquarter is placed in Washington. While this site is very popular for putting a perfect news.

Yahoo news

Yahoo news is a website that is being managed by the owners of Yahoo team. The basic news on this site are the reflection from the famous international channels like BBC and CNN.

The Economist

The economist is also one of the most famous site on the internet for views. But they also put a fake or incorrect news on its timeline.

The New York Times

The New York Times is a famous newspaper site of America. They publish the news on the Daily bases while also put an update on their site at the time of happening.

Some other sites that are very famous on the internet for the news are Google News, NBC news, The Guardian and the FOX news.

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