How to Get Toll Free Numbers in UAE

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to purchase toll free numbers in Dubai and the reasons why your business needs Dubai toll free numbers. We also provide an overview of Dubai as an international hub of commerce and industry.

How to Purchase Toll Free Numbers

The process of purchasing Dubai toll free numbers is incredibly simple.

Begin by visiting Global Call Forwarding’s home page. You will find a series of drop-down menus under “Select Your New Phone Number.” Choose “UAE (+971)” from the first drop-down menu. Next, you will select a number type from the 2nd drop-down menu, which is “Toll Free (mobile accessible).” Underneath this, you’ll find a 3rd drop-down menu with a list of toll free numbers, which are based on availability.

Next, you’ll enter the destination phone number where calls will be routed to. Enter your country code and your phone number, and then click “View Rates & Try for Free” (or you can skip the free trial altogether by selecting the link below this button).

From here, you’ll be given a number of options, including add-ons such as rollover, SMS forwarding, call recording, outbound calling, and and payment plans. Select the one that’s most appropriate to your business. After that, you’ll enter your billing and payment information, review your order, and that’s it — upon completion, you will now have a Dubai toll free number that can put you in touch with Dubai markets.

Why Your Business Needs Dubai Toll Free Numbers

The first reason why your business needs to offer a toll free number in Dubai is that it makes your business more accessible to those located in Dubai (and the United Arab Emirates). For instance, if a caller in Dubai tries to call your US-based toll free number, the caller will be charged for the call (which defeats the purpose) or that call may not be able to be completed.

Second, your business needs to establish a professional presence that is indistinguishable from a local entity to be taken seriously be local Emiratis and businesses based in the UAE. Dubai toll free numbers from Global Call Forwarding function just like any other toll free number from domestic service providers. This means that those in Dubai perceive your business as a local entity, even if it is located thousands of miles away. The reason this is possible is due to the contribution of cloud computing in telecommunications, namely virtual phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers instantly route calls to any other phone number in the world.

Third, Dubai toll free numbers come with a number of add-on features that can augment how you conduct business. For instance, using a Dubai toll free number as part of establishing a virtual office can take the place of a physical branch office. While Dubai does boast numerous “free trade” zones throughout the region, there are still a number of obstacles and formalities that can be costly to your time and resources. For startups and small businesses that want a piece of the action without the overheads, Dubai toll free numbers can put your business in touch with the region; then, if your business gains traction, you will already have a client base established and a working knowledge of Dubai’s unique culture — valuable assets in an ever-changing global economy.

Why Choose Dubai?

Dubai is a significant hub of international commerce, which has attracted worldwide enterprises and entrepreneurs ready to do business in its thriving and relatively free markets. Dubai is world-renowned for its various industries, and its continuous evolution from an oil-based boomtown to a diversified commercial nexus. This includes economic developments such as information technology, medical tourism, real estate development, and innovation. Tourism is also a significant draw, as the Burj Khalifa (the tallest structure in the world) and Dubai’s luxurious beaches (including the Palm Islands) draw in those looking for a unique holiday destination.

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