Tips on how to make travelling easier.

As we all get older and start to think about spending more time doing the things that we enjoy, as no one on their death bed has ever said I wish I spent more time at work. We start to understand that spending time on hobbies and with family and friends are some of the things that matter the most to us.

However, as age creeps up on us it becomes that little bit harder to do an as much physical activity as we used to. So, we all need to plan our trips away to ensure that they go as smoothly as possible. Here are 6 tips for the older traveler to make your holidays that much easier.

1, Google translate.

Load this app onto your mobile phone, it is free. You can type anything in English and it will automatically translate it for you into one of 103 different languages instantly. Perfect for asking any questions that you need to have answered when you cannot find anyone on hand who speaks English.

2, Book a local minicab to meet you at the airport in advance.

Book mini cabs to meet you at airports as you come out. That way they can hold up signs to help you find them and carry any luggage that you have brought with you. This will not only make the carrying of your luggage easier but it will also help you to avoid queuing for taxis on arrival.

3, Luggage Shipping

You may not have thought about this before, but you can now arrange to have your luggage collected from your home, and transported by an international courier service such as DHL, which if you but through an authorized reseller such as will cost you less. They will arrange to have your bags delivered to your hotel before you even leave for the airport. In this way, you can avoid carrying, queuing and waiting at airports for your baggage. This type of service used to be just for celebrities and was much more expensive than carrying your baggage on a flight. However new discount luggage shipping services such as have enabled travelers to send their bags ahead from only ?23 a bag. So you can now send a parcel to USA, a suitcase or a set of golf clubs before you even travel.

4, Read online reviews online about places you are considering visiting.

You can plan the locations that you will want to visit, and usually, you will have a choice of multiple hotels, restaurants or museums to visit. It can be very useful to read reviews from previous travelers. This will usually help you to find the locations with the best services, and often they include tips that will help you to make the most of your visit. Websites such as TripAdvisor can be very useful in finding many independent traveler reviews to read.

5, Change your money in advance

Changing your money in advance can ensure that you pay the least amount of fees for changing currency and get the best exchange rate. It will be considerably cheaper than using a bureau de change at the airport. Remember to keep your receipt, because if you return with your receipt you can usually exchange any money that you have not spent back to sterling with no fee at the same location that originally exchanged it.

6, Book excursions in advance

If you are on a cruise, you have many opportunities to join tours at each port of call. These are usually far more expensive if they are booked on the boat, and that will also limit the offer of tours you can buy. In advance, you can usually find multiple tour operators who will meet you at the port often at up to 40% less than buying directly from your cruise line.

The main message within this article is that with careful research and planning in advance can not only ensure that you make the most of your holiday but also get the best prices for the everything that you do.

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