Tips from Experts to Follow While Choosing Designer Upholstery Fabric

The choice of upholstery fabric is as important as choosing a decorative item for your interior. You cannot expect to make a mistake and bring down the entire aura of the interior by choosing the wrong fabric. It is not only about longevity but also carrying on the cohesive tone of the interior decor. Choosing the right fabric can be difficult when you are new in this. This is why it is better to follow what the expert interior designers suggest.

Choosing the right Designer Upholstery Fabric

Here is the list of suggestions and tips from the leading designers to choose the right Designer Upholstery Fabric. On a similar note, always prefer a renowned fabric manufacturer or supplier such as Fabric Warehouse to get the best quality material. Let’s get started.

  • Consider the furniture

The first job is to consider the furniture, tapestry, drapes or where the designer fabric will go. While considering, you have to check its innate traits such as size, style, volume, color, and design. The contemporary furniture will go well with the latest designs whereas the vintage ones will comply well with the plush material. On the other hand, you also need to consider your lifestyle, the family members and your pets as well. You might admire the velvety finish of the plush designer fabrics but when you have kids or pets onboard, it will become a farfetched dream. With the presence of kids and/or pets, the preference changes considerably.

  • Remember the cleaning needs

The cleaning needs will also decide the fate of the designer fabric. It is not that you can change the upholstery of the furniture in your living room when guests are arriving. It will become a part and parcel of the interior decor. It also means that the upholstery fabric will also suffer a lot of wear and tear, spilling, staining, dirt deposition, etc. The other luxury pieces such as drapes and tapestries can be removed and cleaned occasionally. Think twice before you make a decision.

  • Picking a luxurious option

The luxurious designer choices can only be flaunt properly when there are no kids or pets around. In these cases, the designer fabric with a higher stain resistance should be preferred so that the upholstery, drapes and other accessories should be cleaned without any hassle. In fact, always go for the wrinkle-free design to ensure a smoother or even environment in the room.

  • First try then buy

It is not always possible to imagine how the Designer Upholstery Fabric will look. It is not always foresee the interior matching with the choice you just made. This is why the experts suggest trying the material first apart from considering seeing the piece a multiple times. The online store often caters to a catalogue with pictures containing real-time use of the particular fabric to consider.

In a nutshell

Deciding a designer fabric for your drapes, furniture, and tapestries will become a lot easier when you follow these tips from the professionals. Consider them well and find the best matches from the collection of the renowned brand.

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