Things you need to know for Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is most of the times forgotten by people and the vents and ducts are normally overlooked and hardly there would be any homeowners who would remember that when it was the last time they have attended to their ducts and vent. Well, generally the vent and duct cleaning have some health benefits associated with them and they are also helpful in reducing the energy bills for you.

–    Air quality (Indoor)

One of the main and the most important reason for which you should consider cleaning the duct and vent is that the indoor air quality is being affected by them. Well, this somehow is due in parts of the popularity of the doors and windows which are highly efficient and the enhanced insulation due to which the amount of air transfer inside and outside is decreased. With these types of fixtures, the reduction in energy costs become easy and provides you more comfortable without feeling the need for any extra and additional ventilation which could make the pollutants enter your home and to remain inside for the rest of time. The point here is still the same that whether the duct cleaning has some positive impact on the quality of the air indoor or not and well there is no true evidence based on the facts but still it would probably be right to say that air duct cleaning is better if you want to remove fungus or any severely harmful molds or microbes from your house. At least one thing for you is sure that there would be no harm in case if you do duct cleaning in your home although there are increased chances that the indoor air quality of your home would be increased.

–    Working with duct cleaning

Well, there could be two possible ways which are used for vent and duct cleaning. In a first way, the system is simply connected with the duct to provide it with suction and then a full pressure air hose is entered through the duct so that harmful waste particles could be removed from its interior. Another way of doing duct cleaning includes a system in which a large vacuum is attached with the hose and a brush system is then entered in the ducting for further cleaning. Both the systems are equally efficient in duct cleaning.

Duct cleaning couldn’t be done on a regular basis so it needs to be cleaned completely whenever it’s done. To have a better and proper cleaning you need to keep some things in mind and those are:

  • Cleaning all the registers from duct
  • Cleaning inside the duct
  • Make sure to clean the interior of the ventilating system and interior of the heating

You also need to take care of the cleaning of the furnace while cleaning the duct. You can use a heat pump too as it would be better. You also need to properly clean the system coils and finally, disinfectant should be fogged in the system so that any bacteria, mites or mold if present could be removed from the system.


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