Things to look in while Buying an Induction Cooker?

If you are thinking to buy an induction cooker for your home, you need to consider to some of the important things before you make your purchase. The price of different types of induction cooker may differ depending on the features and the quality of the cooker. After knowing about the complete features and characteristics of a pressure cooker, you would better be able to select the best induction cookware for your home. One thing which you always need to know is that buying something of less price isn’t necessary to be the best and to buy the good quality cooker, you need to look for the below-mentioned characteristics.


When you are thinking to buy an induction cooker, the first thing which is important for attention is the size of the cooker. The smallest of the cooker sizes start from about 3 cm of width which has got two cooking areas while the biggest size is of about 90 cm. All the cookers have different sizes and you need to select the one specific based on your needs. Most of the times you are not buying a cooktop for the first time while you are replacing it with the older one so for this purpose you need to measure the space for the induction cooker in your kitchen so that you can select the size of cooker based on the space available.

Cooking Zones

Each stove size has its own number of cooking zones like the stove of size 60cm would normally be having 4 cooking zones and it provides almost sufficient space to you for cooking in the kitchen. These sizes cookers are enough for those with normal family size and to cook simple meals.  You can also select for a larger size in the cooker and then there would be more cooking zones as it is simply that more cooking zones provide you ease in working and thus you could also be able to cook large quantities of meals.

Touch features

Not all but some of the induction cookware has touch controls installed in them instead of knobs. In such cookware, you just need to touch the glass and it would start heating. Induction cooktops with touch controls are really great for one to have and you can have one from

Pan size identification

Good induction cookers have this default setting in them that they can identify the nature and the size of the cookware that is being used on them and they then automatically fine-tune the power supply being provided to it.  This is one of the reasons for the induction cooktops being energy-efficient.


Some of the cooktops also have the added feature of boosting their power due to which you can easily boil larger pots of water in a very short time.


Another important and a positive feature in an induction cooktop is had automatic time due to which it automatically turns off or the temperature itself is lowered when needed at a definite time. This feature lets you feel free while cooking.  For more details, you can check


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