The causes of basement moisture and methods of waterproofing

One of the biggest problems that you can have as a homeowner is a wet basement. You might not feel so alarmed due to the tiny puddle or small trickle, however, they are warning signs and an indication that something is wrong. If you end up with moisture in your basement, there can be several problems following it. So, one should consider basement waterproofing and here we will tell you the causes of moisture and its waterproofing methods.

What causes the moisture in the basement?

The common reasons for water in the basement are as follow.

Improper soil and drainage system

There are instances when rain and drain water won’t go away easily. So, you will ultimately end up with a wet basement. It is critical to direct the water away from home because if you haven’t taken the measures appropriately, the water would gather around the foundation. From there, it will try to penetrate its way inside towards your home and can cause a wet basement.

Wrong installation and maintenance of gutters

Gutters are around the homes to direct the rainwater away from your home. They make it certain that no harm is done to the foundation and the water is kept away. If you install them inappropriately or don’t pay heed to their maintenance, they will clog and the water would stay in it, slowly and steadily moving towards the inside of your home’s foundation.

Improper slope

The slope around your house is meant to take away from water as it would be away from your home rather than going towards it. In case if it is wrong, this would also make water gather around the foundation of your home which will soon find its way through it to your basement.

Cracks in basement

The cracks in the basement walls, floors, and around its windows, are likely to give an opening for a water to flow in. So, you might have some trickling and puddle formation in the basement.


Basements are known to be damp and the process of condensation can make things tough for you. When it happens, the mildew and mold can be seen around the basement, bringing some serious damage to your basement.

Waterproofing the basement

There are three main methods which are used for basement waterproofing.


This can help in making the inside of your basement waterproof. It is used primarily when the experts identify a problem that exists in your basement. The sealants and coatings are applied to avoid the condensation.


The exterior waterproofing is meant to protect the basement from outside. It aims at blocking the water so that it cannot make its way through the foundation to your basement. The exterior includes drainage systems and coating the outside of the walls with waterproof materials.


As listed, problematic drainage can lead to a wet basement. Therefore, the repairing and maintenance of your drainage system are what you should look forward to. Many homes get rid of the wet basement just by clearing out their old drains and making them fully functional.

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