Selecting the estate agent in Pontarddulais: What you should ask?

When we are hunting for a property, perhaps the most difficult thing is getting the right real estate agent by our side. Keeping in mind that our best bet, being a busy person with all daily work on the shoulders, is an estate agent Pontarddulais who can help us in finding the right properties in the area. Thus, one must take time and be sure about the person whom he is asking to get the job done. It is because these agents can help you find cheap properties for sale and would be highly helpful in making the right deal. But how you can get your hands on such agent? Well, ask the following questions.

Where you would buy a place and move?

This is a question that seems a bit odd but it is highly helpful in various ways. If you ask this question to the estate agent and he replies honestly, you will have a good overview of the neighborhoods. These agents know the surroundings and will be highly helpful in picking the right spots. They are likely to place their money on a place where it will soon be doubled up. So, asking this question will help you in assuring that you are picking the right place to search for a house.

How will you help me with narrowing the choices?

It is a question that people should never leave out. When your estate agent will ask you to take a look at the properties around, it takes some effort and it is time consuming. So, ask him that how he will help you in narrowing down the choice and make sure that he won’t your busy schedule too much. If he replies something like ‘why you don’t take a peek at the listing and let me know about the houses you would like to see,’ it suggests the lack of interest in doing something extra to secure a good deal.

How you can make offer more attractive apart from increasing the price?

Obviously, increasing money is the primary way to make your offer more attractive because purchasing a house in a hot market is all about making money do the talking. However, the buyers must expect that the agents must have a few more tricks besides just money. For instance, there are times when increasing the offer will not be enough to do the job.

So, the agent should be able to ask the right set of questions. He or she may ask the person about if they are looking for a quick closing. Or maybe something like if they want to wait until the school year is over. Such questions put you in a better place when it comes to negotiating and along with increasing the money to a certain extent, these questions aid you in strengthening your position as a buyer.

Final words

These are a few question that you must ask from your estate agent. Make sure that you get the right person to do the job because it can be the decisive factor about you securing the best real estate deal available in the market.


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