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Audio converters certainly are regarded as the most useful and the best applications so that the people could easily convert their audio files into any other format that simply could be flac, AIFF, aac, WMA, mp4, wac and mp3. There are now a lot of conversion formats due to which the audio format conversion has been made even simpler and easy. There is an add-on feature that is especially been designed to make the converted file as well as the conversion toll more scalable. This makes the application simpler to be used. You can also use the trim function if you want to trim the audio file as much as you can and then that format could be saved in your device the way you have trimmed it. You can also use it if you want to change the audio quality to low to high or to medium to high. You can make the customized settings to your audio file without having the fear to lose it. This also helps in making the sharing easier for you by using different applications and social media channels. This is most probably the best way which could be used by you to convert an audio file format.

Key features

 –    Free conversion

You can convert your audio online by using the free site and all the file formats are supported here to process the files even quicker. You also don’t need to install a separate application for conversion.

–    Any file format

The converter can help in the conversion of files with various file formats which includes conversions into mp3, mp4, Wav, FLAC, amr, ogg, m4r, and mp2. You can also convert the audio files into video formats if needed.

–    Get audio from video

By using, you can extract audio from your video track. It is also useful in so many aspects for you.

–    Easy to use

This is really very easy to be used, you just need to upload a file which you want to convert and then select among a variety of file formats in which you want to convert the file. You may also be asked regarding the quality of the output file. Just in no time, you would be granted with an output file which you can save to your system.

–    Settings

You also have the option in your hand regarding the settings of the frequency, channels, and playbacks or even adding or removing any extra sounds from the audio file to be converted.

–    Safety

This is completely safe to be used. Once you download the output file, soon after it the file automatically gets deleted from the website’s server and this is how no one could have access to your audio file.

–    No installation

This website completely works in a browser and you don’t need to install any application this is why it is securer and faster.

–    Tag Support

You also have the chance to change the track’s name and genre. You can also change its track support.

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