Moving to a Far Off City for the First Time? Relocation Tips for Your First Long Distance Move

Moving to a location far off from your current place can be daunting. Given that you are going to move farther away from your familiar places, you may also be at a loss about how you can uproot your life and start it fresh at the new place. Every location has something to offer to its new residents but there may also be a lifestyle difference that you need to adopt.

Keeping aside all such thoughts running your mind and concentrating just on the task at hand – relocating to the new place – is difficult and even more so when it is the first time you are relocating. Relocating to a near location is easier when compared to moving to a location that is in another state. Here are a few tips to keep in your mind when you are relocating to a place that is far off.

To Hire Removalists or Not?


Let’s address the biggest confusion that is sure to keep nagging at you. Should you hire a moving company? If so, what kind of services will you hire them for?

Removalists for transportation

During your long distance relocation, it is advised to use the help of the removalists to at least transport your belongings to your new location. The planning of the travel route takes a lot of time and the expert opinions of the removalists will guide you to come up with a proper plan. Also, when hiring a moving company, they will bring their own truck and the movers will help you with loading and unloading all the stuff which will come in handy especially when you reach your new location.

If you are looking for more affordable options, you can make use of the backloading options wherein your stuff will be sent in with the same truck traveling in the same route as yours and transporting the items of other people in it. By backloading your things, you can cut down your relocation costs but you will also enjoy the same level of security when you hire a truck for yourself.

Removalists for packing


In addition to taking help from the movers for the transportation, you can also hire them for packing your things. There are a lot of moving companies in the market. A simple web search with the name of your location will bring in hundreds of results. For example, if you are from Adelaide, you can search for ‘Adelaide movers’ which will show you a ton of removalist companies offering the removal services.

You can then go on to shortlist a few and select the best one that falls under your budget. Also, make sure to take insurance for your relocation and ensure that you are covered for all kind of damages or loss of properties in it.


The Task of Packing

If you have chosen to do the packing all by yourself, then here are some tips for you.

Sort through the things

Before you begin packing, sort through your things and come up with a solid plan about how you want to make this relocation happen. Discard things that aren’t in the condition to use; donate or sell those things that you will no longer use and pack only those essentials that you will absolutely need.

While packing the things, take different boxes for different rooms. Mark your boxes with the exact details about what is inside the box and where it is supposed to go. This will help you stay organized and will also make your work easier when you unpack.

Start your packing earlier

It may seem as though you can pack all your things in just a few days but only when you actually get to work will you realize the total intensity of it. It is very easy to get stressed about your packing time but instead, the smarter way is to start way before your moving day, much before the time you think you can accomplish the packing. Start slow and steady so that you can concentrate on protecting each and every one of your near and dear things.

Break down into small tasks

If you are trying to complete all your packing in a single day, it can be difficult and moreover, as the time goes by, the efficiency with which you pack also dwindles away which can result in disaster. Therefore, it is better to break your tasks into smaller jobs and get it done one thing at a time. Distribute the tasks over several days and assign yourself a particular task which won’t take much time even in the middle of your busy schedule.

An airtight packing

Think of packing your things as the protection from any mishaps on the way. Don’t get stingy on the packing materials. Use as much as you can to pack your things securely. For delicate and breakable items, wrap them in a cloth or a towel and place them in a box and fill it with bubble wraps and sponges so that it doesn’t move even a tiny bit during the relocation process. Have sufficient boxes and crates on hand and seal them securely with a strong duct tape.

For your furniture, you will need to dismantle them and wrap them in proper packing materials and keep them inside a box. Alternatively, as protecting furniture is important during a long distance move, you can hire removalists for furniture packing which you can get from recommendations of someone you know or use the internet to find by typing in the location with the services you look for, like movers Adelaide. These furniture removalists will disassemble and pack all your things properly in sturdy boxes that they have brought with them.

Don’t be shy to get help

Call in your friends and family to help you pack during the weekends. Be a nice host and serve them delicious food and beverages and treat them to some fun games and make it an enjoyable experience. Your task of packing will be cut down by a large portion only when you get the help of a few people. Get whatever help you can – from running errands for buying packing materials to a fun few people who can cheer up the helpers; make use of all hands on the task to increase the productivity.

Pack a hand luggage

As you are packing all your things, don’t forget to pack an overnight bag or in case of long distance travel, a few nights stay bag. Take some fresh clothes, bathing supplies, a water bottle, a charger, laptop and a few other things that you will need for your daily life.

Once you hire professional removalists for your relocation needs, half of your work is already done! It is essential to make use of such experienced removalists during your long distance travel so that you aren’t burdened by the problems during the transit.

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