Is Thailand Or Vietnam Better for First Time Travelers?

It’s a popular inquiry from many avid travelers from all over the world. Many contemplate traveling to two of South East Asia’s most visited countries. Thailand and Vietnam.

But for many first time visitors, they are not sure of which one to visit, and how the experience will be.
While it is true that both countries have similar things, but they also have some key difference.
Comparing Thailand to Vietnam can be an interesting thing. And it can be a huge article in an of itself. But here I will try to give you travelers some tips on how they compare.

In my opinion, I give the edge to Thailand. But that is because I have visited that place more often and also because the infrastructure is much better than Vietnam’s. But in any case, you while plenty of foreigners who now prefer Vietnam, and also like the Vietnamese food better.

In my opinion, both of these amazing countries have wonderful dining option for you to enjoy. Both Vietnam and Thailand are world famous for there amazing food. I can’t really say the same thing for the Philippines. Compared to Thailand the Philippines is great too, but not in terms of food options.

Thailand really takes the gold in terms of over-all advantages.

But it is not as simple as that, because places like Bangkok are not that cheap anymore. To be honest it can sometimes be even more expensive than your own country. Going to experience the Thailand nightlife in Bangkok can get expensive – very fast.

Both Vietnam and Thailand have amazing beaches for you to enjoy. Places like Phuket are really beautifully filled with white sand beaches and small islands. It looks almost surreal how nice that place looks.

But here is the interesting part, many travelers say that Vietnam feels a bit more authentic these days compared to Thailand. Maybe it is because Thailand has become more modernized and lost some of its original uniqueness. Of course, in my opinion, this is not true, but I have heard this many times myself from others.

Cities in Vietnam like Ho Chi Ming city and Hanoi still offer a very unique and enchanting travel experience in southeast Asia. And maybe this is the reason it has gained tremendous popularity these days. Yes maybe even more so than Thailand.

But the reality of it is that travelers should try both places and see for themselves. If you want my opinion I say that for first-time travelers to southeast Asia, they should visit Thailand first.

The reason is that it can be a bit easier and comfortable if you don’t have experience in Asia, and it has better infrastructure. In any case, don’t ever pass up on Vietnam as it can offer you such a nice unique Southeast Asian experience.


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