How you earn money with a url shortener?

There are a lot of people that might be asked to use a URL shortener to earn money. While there are several other uses to the service such as shortening the links to save the space, add more aesthetic appeal to your links, and monitoring the traffic, individuals tend to use it for money making as they direct the traffic from various platforms to their website. Many of you will be interested in knowing how these services actually work and how by only shortening your URL you can earn some money. Well, here is the complete process.

Your user goes to shortening service

When you shorten the URL, if you are not using your own custom domain, which is never the care when you use the shorteners to make money, your user gets directed to the website of shorteners first. It is acting as a switch, as a router, and you are giving your audience a route to come to your website. It is like your audience starts walking the road from the platform to your website and in between, there is a station where a stay is mandatory. Usually, people use high paying url shortener to make their URLs smaller and as their audience clicks on it they are redirected to the website of URL shorteners.

So, how do they reach your website?

Well, when you shorten a URL, the shortener makes a dedicated page where it writes that whatever the traffic comes to this particular page should go to the actual URL that you have provided. Therefore, when the traffic reaches to that point, to the station, to the dedicated webpage created by shortening service for redirecting the traffic to your site, the individuals are then sent to your site. It is like you provide the address of your website to that particular station and people searching for the page would come to the station from where the guide will let them know the right path traveling which they reach your website.

But how it makes money?

Money making is easy with the URL shorteners. When you opt for monetizing your URLs, you tell the URL shortener to place some ads. When the audience clicks on the link, it is redirected to the dedicated page from URL shortener where the traffic is shown some ads. Those ads help in generating revenue. As soon as the ad is displayed, people get an option to skip it or are redirected to your webpage automatically once the ad display is completed. URL shorteners have dedicated ad partners and whatever the revenue they generate, depending on your URL and number of visits, they share it with you.

Final words

So, this is all about how you make money with a high paying url shortener. In short, the audience clicks on URL and is directed temporarily to a page by your shortener where they are shown an ad after which they are redirected to your webpage. As a result, you are paid for the ad which is shown to your audience by shortening service.

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