How to use rental storage units the right way?

rental storage units

In past few years, we have concluded the fact that rental storage units can be of great help. They are always around to help us store our stuff in appropriate manner, without clustering our home or using a room just for storing stuff which can be used later. Considering that, more and more people are interested in renting the storage units and you might get a storage in Monroe, LA for yourself too. But one may not know how to use it appropriately so here is a guide to placing your stuff in these spaces.

Get pallets

Many people use pallets only when they are necessary and for the items that they want to keep off the floor. However, we suggest you to use it throughout the storage space and keep as many things off the ground as possible. It may sound something extra but the fact is that you never know when the water and melting sound can come from under the doors or from the cracks in the roof.

Wrap it

Before you place anything out in the storage facility, make sure that you will wrap it appropriately. Now, you are likely to put stuff there that you won’t be needing for at least a few weeks or months. Therefore, it is crucial to wrap things appropriately. Usually, people store things there from season to season and, which is why, wrapping it becomes important. Things you be sealed up tight and there won’t be any insects or dust finding its way through.

Labelling is important

We embrace the fact that you would be good with memory and will not forget what you put in which box and where you set it in your storage unit. But ask this to Mr. Tom Storm who would have though the same of his stormy memory. While the guests came by, he went to storage unit and ended up half the boxes finding the right set of items that he kept there while thinking the same as you might be. So, he spent a few hours looking for the right box, frustrating and thinking why he didn’t spent those extra 5 minutes labelling them. So, unless you want to end up in a similar situation, it is better to label the boxes.

Add protection of your own

While there might be cameras and security guards, assuring that no one but you are the in charge of the unit is critical for the security. No one likes intruders or unwanted people accessing their storage in Monroe, LA, and you would never wish to lose anything as a result of burglary or theft. Thus, check if you have permission to add a lock of your own and secure the place yourself. Also, when placing stuff, one might keep them in cases or lockups that are secure and then place them into the storage units. This way, even if someone enters the space, no one would be able to access your stuff.


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