How To Use Magnets Safely?

Magnets are available in a variety of size, shape, designs, and strengths. These are usually present in the toys, electronics, cars, bikes, and motors. Usually, children love to play with them due to attractive properties. Children must not be allowed to play with them. It is the brittle product that may create some injury issues if not handled properly. It is important that children as well as adults when doing any activity with it must take care and follow the safety guidelines.

Wear gloves

When doing work with magnets try to wear rubber gloves. This is because fingers may get caught between two magnets. The high strength magnet creates cuts or small injury. Even large magnets not only cut the skin but also cause breakage of bones. Take care while handling, do not hurry while picking them, be calm and work patiently with the magnets.

Avoid broken magnets

Damaged magnets are more powerful and result in slamming. One magnet can cause chirping of another magnet piece. In that situation same poles create separation and magnets slide away due to the backup motion. This may create difficulty while handling or doing work with them. To avoid the separation and to bring both pieces together take one piece far away from the other. After few seconds again join them to continue work with them.

Keep electronics away from magnets

Powerful magnets damage the electronic products due to their magnetism. It is important to keep the magnets from the electronic products as well as from credit cards, videotapes, and CDs. It is recommended to keep about 10 cm distance between the magnet and electronic products to product damage due to magnetism.

Health issues

People having heart issues and use the pacemakers must avoid the magnets, this is because magnets create a disturbance while synchronization of heartbeat between the pacemaker and the heart. In a similar way, people having an allergy to nickel must not handle the neodymium magnets as they contain nickel and create hypersensitivity reaction including itching and rashes.

Handling during transportation

Magnets stuck to steel products or any other attractive products. It is important when to ship to another place. Try to pack in thick cardboard boxes to lessen the attraction towards the other material. The magnet companies ship their magnetic products according to laws stated in dangerous Goods regulations to avoid any damage or injury.

Do not give to children

Children love to play with the magnets due to the attractive and repulsive properties. The china magnet toy is common in the market. They bounce two magnet pieces to create the shrill noise and enjoy the activity. This can be dangerous as two pieces can cause damage to the fingers. Some naughty children bring the magnet close to television or radio to check the vibrations but they are unaware that it may damage the electronic product. While giving these pieces to children always warn them about its hazards. Care is better. It is good not to allow to play with the magnets.

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