How to know if someone is spying on your mobile phone?

Well, not too much but there are a few signs which could help you to know if someone really is spying on your mobile phone. These simple indications would let you know that if the device you are using is infected with any spy software or not. But this is not the same in all the situations and on all the device types but still, these indications may prevail when mobile has been installed with spy software. Following mentioned are some of the indications which would let you know if your phone is being monitored and to detect hidden spy apps on your device:

– High usage of data:

If the data usage per month is high than the regular use of data on your device then it is simple and obvious that someone has installed a spy app on the mobile phone you are using. Normally it happens when the spy software which is being used is of low quality and it collects a lot of data so that it might send the data of your device on another device. Well contrary, there is some other spy software which requires very less amount of data to spy on your device so it’s almost impossible to detect such app on your device when the amount of data being used is normal.

– The device remains active even in its standby mode

Normally when a device is in standby mode, there are no functions being conducted on it and the screen of the phone is also expected to be off but if spyware software has been installed on your device, the phone would definitely show the signs of activity even if it is in standby mode. There are also unexpected alarms or sounds from your device.

– Unusual reboots

When your device reboots without prior notification and without your command, then this is a sign of trouble for you and it simply means that someone is having remote access to your device and is having a spy on you. This is really troublesome for you because if someone without your permission could reboot your device, he/ she could also operate other things on your device.

– Unusual sounds

In past, when the technology wasn’t so advance, the phone lines were somehow unreliable and weren’t always stable but now due to the strength of networks, the phone lines have become so stable and it is usual to hear some odd voices and sounds but hearing the distant sounds might be the indication of a trouble and it simply means that your conversation is being recorded or tapped by someone.

– Odd messages

If you receive any odd and strange messages so often which contain some codes, symbols or numeric which aren’t understandable by you, then there might be a chance that someone has installed a spy app on your device to track all your conversations and details through your mobile device. In such situations, there is a high need for you to find hidden spyware on an Android device you are using.

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