How to Get Promoted in 5 Easy Steps

You might have been stuck in the same job position for the year, you are satisfied but of course eager for more right?  You may get bonuses and appreciation as well, but still not taking higher steps up the ladder in the career sequence. Getting a promotion at your job is always a great achievement for yourself and for others as well, it makes you feel that your efforts are being appreciated and visibly clear to your employers.

When you get promoted, it doesn’t only mean that you will have a salary raise, it actually means that your achievements are being visible and appreciated and that you are now ready to take in more responsibility and new roles. It actually means that you are stronger and steadier than before!

So, it there a certain way that would make my boss see me as an eligible candidate for a promotion?

Here is the top 5 best way to get promoted easily:

  1. Let People Know Who You Are and What You Do.

You might be one the smartest employees in the company, but you’re not being noticed, why is that? Because you are shy and embarrassed to show off your work and self for others. being shy doesn’t mean you will get extra marks, this is not school anymore, in company atmospheres, the more you stand out and socialize the more attention you’ll get, and of course by socializing I mean being positively active with colleagues, away from any gossip or bad attitude and behavior. Whenever you make an achievement or progress, you have to show it to your boss, and just brag about it in a professional way which will actually make your boss aware of you asking for a promotion.

  • In any company, being social and noticed is a huge positive impact, you have to make it to a level where other employees are pleased with your existence in the company and would feel that there is something wrong of you not being around.

 Your Boss should know you want a Promotion.

Of course, your boss is seeing the impacts you’re doing in your role, but you must not rely on that, all employers are too busy to pay attention to details. Being an active employee is so close to being a nagging employee, so be smart in delivering the information to your boss, eventually, it’s your absolute right to be noticed and appreciated for the skills you excel in and do not forget to document your achievements, keeping them saved is a great way of saving your skills and achievements for future.

  • There is a lot of ways to deliver to your boss that you want a promotion, you can either tell him privately in a way of telling him a positive change that accrued and of course mentioning and assuring that you are the reason this positive change happened.
  • You have to actually do positive things in order to deserve the promotion, like for example, some problems contributed the work process, you were the one controlling this issue, you got things under control and found marvelous solutions. Do something in order to get something back.

 Make Your Employer’s Job Easier.

You can be promoted easily if you gain your employer’s trust, this, of course, doesn’t mean you should forget about your role and go do your employer’s duties instead of minding your own work. It’s actually a great impact if you can gain the trust of doing things, and be in control of some critical issues. When your boss sees that you can manage the critical cases easily and professionally then this will give you the accessibility and more authority directly from your boss, this might put your under work pressure by the way, but of course, your boss is extremely comfortable.

  • You need to focus on your role duties before assuring of getting some of your boss’s duties done because you can’t actually get promoted if you are getting accused of negligence in your own job role.

   -Make sure not letting your boss think you are trying to make them out of job, you are just making his job easier and this gives you a great push when your boss trusts your work blindly.

  1. Forget about being late, even for once.

Being accurately on time is always a major method in every professional aspect in our lives; we all know that showing up on time is always a great advantage in your career, being sharp in time gives you an impact of the consistent active employee who is always there on time.

  • Be on time every day, you never know when something can occur and you wouldn’t be there yet, even if it happens for once, your boss will not forget that he called you and you were running late.
  1. Complain When You Get Home.

We sometimes get through hard times, some of us might contribute hard life circumstances, problems and sometimes we might be just too tired!

We are not robots, we need to express our feelings, but never ever open freely to any of your work colleagues and complain about work, they will never forget that you complained and you will hurt your reputation we well. If you want to be viewed positively 100% then be sure you have a record of being positive and calm.

  • It’s also better for you to not even make BFFs in your workplace, that’s how you’ll always keep yourself away from even complaining about work or even expressing too many emotions.

 No one can evaluate yourself better than you, if you know you deserve a promotion then go ahead and ask for it, if you don’t see any chance of getting promoted in your curtain job then do not be afraid to ask for a promotion in another company, it’s so easy finding a job these days , you can easily check online job opportunities like LinkedIn and Joblang,   being stuck for years at the same job titles while doing a great job is totally not worth it, be loyal to your job description and do whatever it takes to stand out.


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