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Rent A Local app enables users to easily rent professional services based on their location
Rent A Local is a newly launched mobile application that enables the users to hire professional services around their local area. It is a location-based app that identifies the user’s location so that they can search for professional services easily. It not only saves the hassle of asking around or browsing the Internet to find everyday service providers but also ensures that the users get the best quality services from registered and qualified professionals. The users can use the app to hire any of the following services:
Ø Driver
Ø Chef
Ø Home, office & Garden Cleaner Ø Elderly Care,
Ø Car Wash Assistant
Ø Plumber & Electrician
Ø Laundry Services
Ø Storyteller Ø Tour Guide
Ø Secretarial Assistant/ Printing typing
Ø Translator
Ø Dog Walker Assistant
Ø And many more services…
Rent A Local provides easy access to all these services by offering all the help the user needs on their fingertips. It fills the gap between the consumers and service industry by providing a common platform for the users to share their mutual interests. Furthermore, it also expands the scope of small service providers, who can register themselves on the app to get hired by users around their area. The users can see the various service providers along with their charges. After booking service within the app, they can track the location of the service provider while they are on their way.
The app enables the user to check their live booking status and they can contact the experts if needed. The inbuilt rating and review system allows users to choose wisely. They can rate their experience and provide feedback for a service provider, which eventually helps the app developers to improve their services. The consumers on the app can also post a job requirement on the app, which will be notified, to all the nearby service providers, who can then accept the job and visit the customer’s location to provide the service.
Moreover, the app is available for free download at both
Google Play Store
Apple App Store
Contact Details Company: Al Wajid Ltd
Business Name: LOCAL – Rent A Local
Head Office: 1003 BUKIT MERAH CENTRAL #07-30 SINGAPORE 159836 Email:

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