How To Design Your Life With A Coach?

Many people have thought upon how to find an online coach, and how one must design his or her life with a coach. People have written their blogs and books on the subject. They have discussed on what lifestyle design should be with a coach. There are twelve areas of life that need to designed; one’s physical body, career path, self-personality, romance and love life, home life, money and finance, self-education, vacations and leisure time, family and relationships, effectiveness and community impact, time and productivity, and personal spirituality and beliefs. There are three steps to begin the process of designing your life:

  • Speaking one’s dream
  • Busting one’s excuses
  • Keeping the promises

Speaking Out Your Dream

With a coach, the first step is to speak your dream out so that he becomes aware of what you really want to achieve, and what your goals are about lifestyle design. Many of the people has dreams that are somehow connected to those they used to have in their childhood period. Once you realize these dreams, you must ask yourself the reasons behind these dreams. If someone dreams to be rich, he or she must ask him or herself that why being rich is his or her dream, and in this way, he or she will be able to come to a deeper and better answer that life experiences have taught him or her to go after. One wants to be rich because one wants freedom to get whatever he wants or to fulfill the needs of his family. After recognizing the dream, one must focus on a specific area of the particular dream like richness comes into the category of finance and money. After this, your dream must be rated on a scale which will determine how deep you went on questioning yourself.

Busting One’s Excuses

The coach knows what are the things that hold one’s back from his dreams. These things are what people say to themselves to bring themselves to reality. These are:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I married to the wrong person.
  • It’s not going to work.
  • I don’t know anything.
  • It’s not a good idea.
  • I don’t know anything.

Such statements hold us back from following our dreams, and a coach realizes this. These are all the excuses that needs to be busted off.

Keeping The Promises

This is the step where one has to keep the promise that he or she has made to him or herself during the process. This is the important step as it confirms the consistency which is vital in achieving any goal. The coach helps the people in keeping these promises and does not let them lose the track towards attaining their aim.

This is the way one can design his or her life with a coach. The coach gets into your mind, realizes your dreams and goals, make you identify those dreams and aims, motivate you to follow them, and help you to keep motivated and enthusiastic in order to achieve those dreams and goals.

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