How to Clean Your Swimming Pool at Home

Preventative maintenance is necessary just like you do it for your home; you also need to do it for your automobile and for your swimming pool too. Taking care of the maintenance of your home will save the lifecycle costs for your swimming pool. Following mentioned are the advice for you to follow to save your money, time hassle. None of the below-mentioned tips are tough; they just needed to be handled with care to clean your swimming pool at home.

– You need to have checked over the pool’s chemistry at least twice a week or once in two weeks if it’s winter. pH of your swimming pool should be kept in between 7.2 and 7.8. your pool will need chlorine according to the pH level, the lower the pH the least the amount of chlorine needed by your pool. The key reason behind this is when there would be a high level of pH in the pool, the level of chlorine will start getting low and it will become less active.

– Don’t forget to clean the skimmer basket on the weekly basis or whenever you feel there’s the need for it. The skimmer is normally installed at the side of the pool and the main purpose for which it is installed is the skimming of the pool’s surface just before contaminants and debris float down to pool’s bottom. All the contaminants enter the pool on its surface and the effective skimming is mainly dependent on the effectiveness of the skimmer. Try to keep it clean all the time.

– Keep a check on the water level in your pool that it should not be too high or too low. The pool water needs necessarily to be at the center level of the skimmer for having better performance and optimal results. If the water level is too low, the pool can get dry or it may also burn up. If the water level is high, the skimmer may not work well then.

– If you have an incline chlorinator or a deck cholr, you need to remember that these things need a proper checkup for the chlorine tablet levels, possible clogging or loading. The unit which depends on the features and style has got the ability to add a permanent residual of the needed chlorine.

– Make sure that the ozonator is working and its light is on. Ozone and UV work well in reducing the amount of chlorine in the pool. There could be a lot of types and techniques for installation as well as the user instructions. You need be clear with the instructions regarding the Ozonator that have been installed in your pool.

– You need to clean the filter of the pool on regular basis or whenever you feel that there is a need for it. Some filters don’t need proper and regular cleaning and they need to be cleaned once after a few months. Remember that you need to clean the filter when there are a storm and the condition of your pool.

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