Here’s How to Stream All the NCAA College Football Games with Zero Restrictions

We knew the NCAA College football 18/19 season would be an interesting one, but no one could have predicted all the early twists we’re getting at this time of the season.

Four of the teams in the top 8 have already had their behinds handed to them. It’s even more interesting that two of them fell to teams that are currently unranked in the league. A couple of the teams are playing on mathematical terms now if they are to make the playoffs. If one thing is certain, it’s that their opponents will capitalize on such a fragile position.

Quite frankly, this is not a season to miss. However, we understand that there are a couple of problems that might arise when it comes to watching these games.

Commonly Faced Problems

The main problem for many is with the high costs of maintaining a cable connection just for the sake of getting access to these sports. Considering that this is the reason why many are still on cable TV, it makes for the loss of a huge amount of money every year.

Even more specific problems stem from the area of people traveling/ not in the States at the time of the game, but would still like to view it. In the same breath with these people, we have those who naturally live outside the US but are interested in the games anyways.

Yet another cause for concern is the blackouts and restrictions that can easily get in the way of big games. Combined, all of these can make for a poor (or lack of a) viewing experience.

Fixing the Problem

If you have tried a host of other things that didn’t work, chances are that you didn’t consider VPNs. A VPN can help you access college football live streams from anywhere you are in the world.

A VPN also takes away all the geoblocks and put you in the same shoes with those in the home market. Whether you are in the US or not, you will also be able to work around game restrictions and blackouts with the aid of a good VPN service.

The best part is that you don’t have to go through hoops before you get your streaming on with a VPN. Getting started is as easy as:

  • Choosing and signing up with a preferred VPN service provider
  • Connecting to a preferred server location in the US
  • Choosing your preferred streaming platform (YouTube TV, SlingTV, PlayStation Vue, etc.)
  • Visiting the streaming platform’s website to sign up for a preferred package and
  • Getting a no-holds-barred access to all the college football you want!

And that is no joke. It is really that simple.

Making the Right VPN Choice

The fact that a VPN is good does not mean it would be great for sports streaming. You should look out for:

  • Speed: Sports need to be enjoyed live so that you can feel the action. That is why a VPN with the promise of better speed on your connection would be preferable. Otherwise, you would be left to deal with lags and a poor viewing experience
  • Unlimited bandwidth: Yet another metric tied to speed is the amount of bandwidth provided.

Limited bandwidths will limit your speed based on the number of devices you are connecting, as well as the number of users on the network at the time of your connection. Given that several hundreds of fans will also be connecting at the same time as you, a VPN with unlimited bandwidth is, no doubt, your best choice

  • Multiple server locations: With a variety of server locations, you run a lesser risk of getting stuck on a congested server. You also have the advantage of changing your OP address to your chosen virtual

Wrapping Up

Now that you have all you need, how about you watch the top 25 teams battle it out this season again?


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