Guidelines for riding an ATV

ATV stands for All-terrain vehicles and these are basically the off-road vehicles that are normally used for recreational activities. There are a lot of states which permit the teens and older kids to ride ATV even when they don’t have the driving license. Whenever you allow your child to have an ATV make sure that he takes care of the precautionary measures as there could be safety risks associated with ATV driving.

What is ATV?

ATV is actually a motorized vehicle which is basically for the off-road use or could also be used on dirt roads. These are not to be allowed to use on highways or on paved roads. ATV has four balloon shaped large tires and also a seat which is the middle so that the rider could use the steering with help of handlebars. Some of the three-wheelers ATVs are still around but there manufacturing was stopped back in 1988 because they had some safety concerns. ATV has got big powerful engines that allow the riders to reach the speed of 65 mph and even more. They normally weight above than 600 pounds.

Who is allowed to ride ATV?

Well, not any firm federal regulations have been made and also no age limits have been settled when it is about riding an ATV. Hence every state has got its own rules, guidelines, and laws, some states permit the 16 years old and more who have the safety certificate to ride an ATV while in some states kids of age 10 and more are allowed to ride the ATV until they are been supervised by their adults who have a driving license. The use of ATV for children below age group 13 is not recommended by the AAP because for the children, controlling and handling an ATV could be problematic sometimes even if it is legal in their state. While riding an ATV, safety is the thing of key importance and the driver requires making the quick decision regarding the speed, direction or shifting of weight as a response to the environmental condition and this simply can’t be done by the children of less age.

There are atvs for sale and if you really want to get one for the child, you can look upon safety guidelines:

–    Take a training course, as a supervisor so that you may help your child in careful handling of the ATV and select the ATV that is suitable for the age and size of your kid.

–    While riding an ATV, the rider must wear an approved helmet to be safe. It would be better than he wears an eye protection too.

–    Try wearing long pants, gloves, and long sleeves so that you could prevent yourself from cuts and scrapes in case something unexpected happens.

–    Ride ATV just in day timings and not in dark.

–    Whenever you are riding an ATV try being on a normal speeds and ride on a less populated place.

–    Never ride on the paved surface or on high ways.


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