Differentiating between real and fake Panerai watches

Identifying a fake watch is a tough ask and there are certain replicas that appear to be so real that even some pros may be tricked into believing that it is a genuine watch. However, there is always something that you can consider when differentiating between fake and real timepieces. Panerai watches are one of the most popular watches all across the world. So many people look up to purchasing these lavish timepieces that are a masterpiece of art and craft. However, there are so many distributors who may come up with fake Panerai. So, you should be able to distinguish between the real and replica.

Spotting a fake Panerai

The Panerai watches tend to appear genuine. Especially, if you buy a high-end replica, most of the individuals would mistake it for a real one. It is because the high-end materials have a lavish look and shine. However, the genuine is nonetheless a masterpiece and you cannot match up the replicas with it.

Most of the time, you will be able to spot the difference from the movement. The Panerai movement is made by Unitas which is a part of the ETA group. They make a high-quality movement that is not easily available. Moreover, they are very costly because of the precision. However, in the replicas, you will find the movement from a Chinese movement maker Seagull. They make a range of movement quartz, from high-end ones to low-end ones. In fact, it is actually the replica company of Unitas.

But in Panerai, the Unitas movement is modified with the help of the Swan Neck Regulator. It has a curve of a swan’s neck which is why it is called so.

Other differences

Apart from the movement, there are a few other differences in genuine and fake Panerai that you may come across. These include the accuracy of a timepiece and the COSC approval which comes along the watch. Also, there is hermetic sealing of case back and crown for the original Panerai which is missing in most of the fake watches. The water checking is done for a case, crown, pressure testing, and humidity testing.

Moreover, luxury watch manufacturers know that they are making a state of the art timepiece. They provide you with a long-lasting warranty for the watches. But when you purchase a replica watch, you are on your own. You don’t have to worry about anything when you purchase a genuine watch. But when you come up with a fake one, it may be out of order on first use.

And lastly, the metals and luminous materials on the original Panerai watches are tested for safety and wearability. It is to assure that the watch you are wearing won’t do any harm to your skin or to your body. Counterfeit pieces coming to the market don’t have any such quality check in place.

Final words

Whenever you are purchasing a Panerai watch, buy from an authorized retailer or a well known and trustworthy watch shop. Make sure to check it carefully and ask for the warranty card so if anything goes wrong you will be able to make a claim.

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