Different styles of vinyl siding that you should know about

The vinyl sidings are a preferred option for many homeowners. Go to a local siding contractor and you will find that there are so many styles available to you which would make you think that which type of vinyl siding would be appropriate for you. While there is no universal answer, it generally depends on the individual liking and which appears to be the most appealing to you. Here, we will discuss different styles of vinyl siding to give you a better insight into each and help you in figuring out which one would be best for you.

Traditional lap

Often labeled as the clapboard, the lap is a type of siding that is built with the help of long and broad planks. These planks are made so that they can overlap one another with ease, as a piece is covering a portion of the next one. When you take a look at these sidings from a side, you will notice that there is a wedge-like texture where the narrow edge lies at the top. Also, as you go towards the bottom, the lap seems to widen.

Dutch Lap

Another variation in the lap vinyl siding is the dutch lap which has an alternative look. The overlapping of planks still exist but the profile gets steeper while the lap goes at a sharp angle. The main difference in the appearance comes from the troughs that are created as a result of these steep overlapping. They appear similar to the hand-carved wooden planks. At a time, it was seen as a premium style and was associated with wealthy and lavish homes.


Another style in the book of horizontal vinyl siding it the beaded look. In this, the panels are used where each comes with a rounded groove and there is a notch at the bottom which creates a unique shadow line. This is another way of vinyl siding where the natural look of wood is mimicked and copied. It gives a very decent appearance to the exterior of your house.

Log siding

If you are trying to acquire the rustic look of the wood without having to worry about spending too much and putting hard efforts in maintenance, you should take a look at the log siding. The vinyl used in it helps in replicating the appearance of a wooden cabin as you have a chance to copy the looks of wood slabs like pine or cedar. These vinyl sidings are thicker and tougher, making them more durable and long lasting.

Board and batten

A style that is used in vertical siding is the board and batten. It comes with long flat pieces which are attached to the walls of the homes with the help of battens. They even cover the seams and appear to be a very elegant option.

Shingle and shake

For an advanced and modern look, the shingle and shake is an option that you can consider. Liked by many siding contractors in CT, they add a unique taste to all of the exteriors of your home, making it a standout.

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