Damaged Brakes Caliper Symptoms in Your Car

Brakes are one of the most important components for regulating the rate and stop of a vehicle. Safety in driving is strongly influenced by the brake work system, which is by slowing down the speed of the vehicle. The speed of your car will be slowed after you start stepping on the brake pedal. Then the brake master cylinder will send brake fluid to the brake caliper so that the brake caliper will press the brake lining to rub against the disc brake. Based on the brake work system, we can conclude that the brake calipers are a part that is very susceptible to damage whether caused by rust, contamination, or damage.

Brake calipers are a component that plays an important role in your disc brake system. This component is made of aluminum and other metal alloys such as magnesium alloy. Therefore, the brake caliper can be damaged due to rusting. Broken brake calipers can cause brake fluid leakage, and cause the brakes to become inadequate.

7 Common Symptoms

The following will be presented regarding the symptoms or signs that indicate the dysfunction of the brake calipers on the car:

  1. Indicator On Components

(MID) Multi-Information Display is a brake indicator that is almost owned by each vehicle and serves to give a signal to the driver that the braking system is in good condition or not. If there is a leak in the brake hose then the indicator will light up, and vice versa.

  1. Vibration When Braking

Car Body or Steering Wheel Vibration when braking will be felt when you step on the brake pedal very strongly. This is caused by the uneven surface of the rotor (disc in the wheel) which can slow down the vehicle’s speed. Click here to see the information about how to control the steering wheel while drifting

  1. Brake Fluid Leakage On The Wheel

Brake fluid has a function as a lubricant to protect metal components that rub against one another to stop or slow down the vehicle. If you find a leak on the wheel, the brake pedal will not work.

  1. There Is Noise When Braking

If there is noise or an abnormal sound is heard, such as the wear of brake pads when braking, check first the condition of your brake calipers.

  1. Braking Feels Much Easier To Suppress

The brake pedal will feel lighter when the brake caliper is damaged, this is due to the absence of pressure on the brake pads.

  1. Brakes Can Be Pressed Until They Run Out

Normally, braking is not necessary by pressing the pedal until it runs out, except when it is in an emergency and endangers safety. In addition, the brake pressure must be done very strongly, because the brakes can only be pressed until they are exhausted if done with all their might (not in light conditions).

  1. The Braking Process Does Not Run Smoothly

The symptoms that occur in this case is the cessation of the car after braking in a few meters before. This certainly endangers the driver if an emergency is found.

Well, thus it is very important for us to know the symptoms or signs of damage to the brake calipers by checking and maintaining the cleanliness of the brake calipers before driving to avoid and reduce the risk of accidents. Good driving.


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