Dad Hats for the noobs: Some popular types

When we talk about men’s fashion accessories, hats rank pretty high. In the modern era, you have a number of different styles available to you. From the fedora to dad hats, snapback to flat caps, every option counts. They are among the versatile piece of accessories and suits on several occasions. Regardless of the season, you have a chance to wear them whenever you like and however you prefer.

But most of the individuals that are yet to step into the hats are unaware of different choices available to you. Here, we will take a look at a few popular choices that are up for grab.


The classic hat, fedora, the hat has been one of the most popular choices of many individuals. It has been through changing fashion industry and stood many tests, assuring that it is still the go-to choice and something that no one can rule out. From the 1920s and 1950s gangster look to the hipsters of the 2000s, the hat is a great addition to your wardrobe. It is available to you in different sizes and styles and in a wide array of colors. However, it would be better to acquire ones that come with medium width and neutral hues.

Dad hat

Many individuals may not consider the advice of their dads when it comes to fashion but the dad hats are certainly up for consideration. They are labeled as a great vintage accessory for the laid-back style. Relaxed and simple, the dad hats generally feature cotton or canvas and you’ll find a slight curve in the brim. Also, you will find an adjustable strap at the back for closing it and making it fit your head. Apart from the casual wear, they are great for sports too.


The snapback was previously known to be a popular baseball cap style and was common with the players in 1990s. However, with the breakout of the Yankees snapback caps, they are suddenly come up as a fashion accessory and is worn by numerous people. Whether you are a fashionista or a cool kid, you will certainly love to have it in your wardrobe. Much like the dad hat, it is one size with adjustable snap at the back. But compared to the above, these are more rigid and structured.

Baseball cap

The classic baseball cap comes with five panels and an adjustable strap at the back. It was a part of the uniform for baseball players. However, soon, the variations were developed in the form of snapback and dad hat. Yet, nothing may beat the classic sportswear which is a popular fashion item too.

Flat cap

You would have seen a number of TV actors and celebs wearing the flat caps. They come from the workforce as farmers and sweepers tend to wear it in old times. However, soon, it developed its name in the fashion industry as you have luxury choices in this headwear. They come with wool, tweed, and cotton as popular material choices and are great for warmth and comfort.

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