Creating Online Surveys & Its Benefits

Are you looking for some online survey software? This article is for help. It has got multiple ways to create and distribute the survey among respondents. Respondents are those people who are targeted for a survey. Most of the surveys are done for research purpose. Just like big organizations who use online poll software, you can also create a survey. There are different benefits and outcomes. You can get the insight of your customers. Moreover, public opinion about the specific subject or a brand can also be derived from proper surveys. Organizations mostly do this with their employees to check the satisfaction level and their behavior. Not only this, the survey maker online helps you do this task instantly.

Creating Form

For creating a form, you have got multiple sections. The sections are used to divide a set of questions relating to various subjects. In one section you can add “hedonic motivation” and then add questions like “Do you like to give food voucher gifts to your friends and family.” In this way, a section for learning gratification can be added with related questions.

You can do it easy if you have online survey software. It will take a couple of minutes to design the whole survey.


In 2018, we have got number of ways to distribute the survey. The most effective is email. You can make a short link of form and send it to your peers via email. Don’t forget to add a small cover letter in it. It will help them understand why you are doing this survey. Similarly for employees, the HR department can send the survey in organizations email group or WhatsApp. Other ways of distribution includes Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


With online survey tools, the results can be seen in various forms. Charts and graphs are made in the result section if you are using a particular software. From that chart and graph result, it is easy for a surveyor to evaluate results. Most of the researchers use SPSS and AMOS to put their respondent’s data and then do data interpretation.

Benefits & Outcomes

Creating surveys online and distributing them brings several benefits. You can check the customer opinion about your service or a product. Similarly, public opinion is learned online for major purposes. Not only this, but HR departments of various organizations can make strategies after learning their employee insights through proper surveys.

Customer Oriented Surveys

These are sent to customers after selling products and service to check their experience. It helps in understanding post-purchase behavior.

Public Opinion

Governments use it for learning the public opinion about some matter. They can be effective in governance after having the survey results.

Survey For Employees

Organizations can change shift times, salaries and give bonuses according to the employee’s motivation checked after a survey.

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