Whatsapps new feature: whatsapp status

How many of you have noticed a strang change in whatsapp app’s new feature, yes I am talking about the WhatsApp status/WhatsApp story feature? Ok, let’s first talk about the new (not so new) feature. As we all know whatsapp is owned by the social media giant -Facebook and Zuk want to take over each and every app that shows some competition to his empire. This time they turned to snapchat. let me explain if you are not aware of snapchat app, it is insta messaging app that let you share your daily life moments in video and images format that disappears after 4 hours. So you can s\post anything you want and it will stay on your timeline only for 24 hours than you need to post again.

With lots of cool filters, snapchat attracted the new generation that is already tired of Facebook postings. And in this unique way, snapchat was creating a unique slightly different audience. Facebook started with the Instagram (child app) adding the same feature of stories like snapchat. people gave a huge response and then they copied same in Facebook app, Facebook messenger and also lately but in the whatsapp app. if you have updated your app, you will see three tabs from now, one chat, second is status and third is of calls.

The different trend in whatsapp status.

As after whatsapp launched this feature, many people, especially from India, started posting different news or other helpful videos and images on their status what they were sharing in groups before. if you see, most of the people sharing 30-second WhatsApp status video of Bollywood songs, fully clips and a lot of other stuff which is slightly different but very useful. You can simply download this type of WhatsApp status video from hdvideostatus.in WhatsApp status sharing site and post on your timeline. Videos are already trimmed to 30-seconds and in a supported format so you do not need to do any editing work.

How are WhatsApp stories different from the snapchat?

Whatsapp let you share media on your status like snapchat and it lasts for 24 hours. it also gives some editing features but not close to snapchat filters in any way. Instead of followers in snapchat, WhatsApp shows your story to the contacts saved on your mobile and using WhatsApp. Here thing to note is that if both people have to save each other’s mobile number then only their stories are visible to each other which is a bit different but privacy feature compared to the old WhatsApp status feature where anyone with your number can see your status.

You can also select with whom you want to share your status. Like you can exclude any contact from your contact list or select a particular number of contacts you want to share with. It is best when you do not want to show your updates to some people or only want to show to some people.

The Topmost Phone Tracking Applications

There must have been times when you wake up in the morning and reach out for your phone, or touching your pocket in a crowded place just to make sure it’s there, but what if you did not find it there? Following the mini heart attack would be the impulsive reaction of chaotically galloping your things in search of it, only to have found beneath the sheets or in your other pocket. Yes, we all have been through this mini heart attack phase. However, what if you actually did lose it one day? In that case, you need to keep reading.

In order to help prevent that mini heart attack to convert into a major one, we have jotted down the best applications there are to help track your mobile devices.

Track my phone app

It is specially formulated to complement any sort of cell phone activities and then monitors them. Basically, it is a cell phone monitoring application used to spy on people you have doubts about. It can either be used for professional work such as employees backstabbing you or your company, or it is used for domestic and personal life, such as your companion showing signs of a cheater or your children behaving oddly, indicating their mobile devices needs to be gone through. Whatever the case, TrackMyPhone offers self-sufficient features for monitoring from call logs and text messages to social media activity.

One of the greatest features this application does offer is the GPS locater one. Just by having this application downloaded on the phone, it can be located as long as it has access to the internet. TrackMyPhone is fully compatible with IOS and Android devices and works equally efficient.

  • Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is an antivirus locating application which also works on the security of the device. You can record the device’s last location before the battery dies out, allows to back-up data such as contacts before the factory reset and take a photograph of a potential thief, e-mailed to your ID along with the location. This application even offers a two-week free trial. It is compatible with iOS and Android versions.

  • Cerberus Anti-theft

Cerberus is one of the best anti-theft applications to have existed and provides a free week trial phase. It contains numerous features to control your mobile device through either website or as simple as SMS. It even allows you to put an alarm in silent mode and lock it with another code. You can even snapshot photos or record anyone trying to use your phone. It provides the current location of the phone along with the location history. However, it is only compatible with Android.

  • Prey

Prey is a service that is accessible to both phones and desktop computers. It is free for use for 3 devices and you increase the number by simply paying an affordable amount for it. Once you are signed in through your device, you can locate it easily by logging into your account through a computer and track your device. Prey is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux PC.

There are multiple ways to protect your data when your phone has been stolen, even if you require spying on your own device, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and TrackMyPhone is one of the most efficient ways to do that.

Why hidden spy apps are a danger to your device?

This is an era of technology and almost everyone nowadays is aware of the mobile threats which are present today and about the spyware applications which tend to track the data on your device and steal any passwords which you submit to different browsers. It could also record your conversations by using the microphones on your device. Having a spy app on your device could be a danger to your device as well as could be a source of leakage of your personal sensitive information and this is really a matter of concern for you to look about and think. You can detect hidden spy apps on your device by some simple indications and later on you would need to deactivate them. Following are some harm which the spy apps cause to your device as well as some indications to know whether your device is really being spied:

– Battery drainage:

A lot of spy apps if are installed on your device could be a cause of high battery drainage on your device. If a spy app is installed on your phone then your phone will consume battery more than it normally used to consume.

– High data use

If the data is being used on your device is now more than it was being used normally then there is a chance that spyware software has been installed on your device because the spy apps need more data to send your tracked data on another device.

– Slowed performance

If your mobile phone stars lagging and some applications are working slowly on your phone, and there is no apparent reason for this slowed performance, there are increased chances that any background app is being run on your device which is using the memory on your device and is the main cause for slowing your device.

– Irregular web activity

If your device starts loading unusual pages on websites without your command then this is obvious that someone is doing so with your device but your device couldn’t operate by itself. This is an indication for you to worry about.

– Unusual messages

Similarly like there are popup notifications on your PC, when there is a spy app installed on your device, it sends you anonymous messages with un-understandable codes and references. Sometimes there are ads and notifications which you can’t hide or cancel.

– Unknown applications

When your device is a prey to a spyware app, there would be unknown apps on your home-screen which would be downloaded without your command and no matter how many times you delete or uninstall them, they would be installed again and again until you are successful to find hidden spyware app on android device which you are using.

These spyware apps could be a great threat to your device and also to your personal and sensitive information. In order to prevent your mobile phone from a breakdown and to save your confidential chats and conversations, it’s important to detect and uninstall the spy app on your device.

Vital parts of digital marketing that you wouldnt have any desire to miss

Digital Marketing can be easy to complex, contingent upon how the organization plans it. The organization can decide if they have to include or evacuate a few techniques should the need emerge. However, there are pieces of Internet Marketing that are not and choose not to be effortlessly disposed. These are the most fundamental yet in addition most important parts of digital marketing.

For some organizations these days, having compelling internet marketing is a noteworthy in addition to however can likewise be extremely testing. On the off chance that a business can’t decide well on which part of its Digital Marketing is extremely not working, at that point issues may emerge. Here are the most vital parts of internet marketing that you should reconsider before rolling out any improvements.

Connecting with and Sharable Content Marketing

Content marketing may appear to be simple for new representatives, however, it isn’t. A substance isn’t simply delivering articles or news about your business; it is likewise being tied in with being educational, connecting with and sharable. It ought to likewise have watchwords that will be simpler to discover through web crawlers and will show up on natural quests.

Well-Built and Functional Website Design

Your site is the front of your business and a vital part of your digital marketing methodology. Your website composition ought to have an awesome and enduring impression on your customers and potential customers. Each button and connection should guide your customers to where they expect to be and have the data they need to know. In the event that any parts of your site aren’t working, it might make your customers doubt your site. You can also buy real Instagram followers from this source

Your site ought to likewise be perfect; the less mess, the better. Expel buttons that you can place under tabs. Place data on your landing page. The page that is brief yet at the same time educational too. Ensure you highlight a greater amount of your business than different promotions. Advertisements are incredible until you will get the opportunity to have an advance influence, just to look irritating. Shoppers will likewise feel baffled in the event that they inadvertently tap on a promotion rather than a button or tab on your site.

Natural SEO

It is exceptionally satisfying to see your business on the primary pages of web index result pages. Natural SEO implies your substance marketing endeavors paid off with no need of Pay-Per-Click advertisements. Natural SEO additionally causes you measure the movement to your site and the arrival of venture for your digital marketing endeavors.

To be a piece of natural pursuit class implies your substance is one of a kind and your selection of catchphrases is generally sought by buyers. Being incorporated on the primary pages of indexed lists will enable your business to have more presentation to your customers and potential customers. This implies greater and better movement and the capability of making more deals.

How you earn money with a url shortener?

There are a lot of people that might be asked to use a URL shortener to earn money. While there are several other uses to the service such as shortening the links to save the space, add more aesthetic appeal to your links, and monitoring the traffic, individuals tend to use it for money making as they direct the traffic from various platforms to their website. Many of you will be interested in knowing how these services actually work and how by only shortening your URL you can earn some money. Well, here is the complete process.

Your user goes to shortening service

When you shorten the URL, if you are not using your own custom domain, which is never the care when you use the shorteners to make money, your user gets directed to the website of shorteners first. It is acting as a switch, as a router, and you are giving your audience a route to come to your website. It is like your audience starts walking the road from the platform to your website and in between, there is a station where a stay is mandatory. Usually, people use high paying url shortener to make their URLs smaller and as their audience clicks on it they are redirected to the website of URL shorteners.

So, how do they reach your website?

Well, when you shorten a URL, the shortener makes a dedicated page where it writes that whatever the traffic comes to this particular page should go to the actual URL that you have provided. Therefore, when the traffic reaches to that point, to the station, to the dedicated webpage created by shortening service for redirecting the traffic to your site, the individuals are then sent to your site. It is like you provide the address of your website to that particular station and people searching for the page would come to the station from where the guide will let them know the right path traveling which they reach your website.

But how it makes money?

Money making is easy with the URL shorteners. When you opt for monetizing your URLs, you tell the URL shortener to place some ads. When the audience clicks on the link, it is redirected to the dedicated page from URL shortener where the traffic is shown some ads. Those ads help in generating revenue. As soon as the ad is displayed, people get an option to skip it or are redirected to your webpage automatically once the ad display is completed. URL shorteners have dedicated ad partners and whatever the revenue they generate, depending on your URL and number of visits, they share it with you.

Final words

So, this is all about how you make money with a high paying url shortener. In short, the audience clicks on URL and is directed temporarily to a page by your shortener where they are shown an ad after which they are redirected to your webpage. As a result, you are paid for the ad which is shown to your audience by shortening service.

BIT ELD by Blue Ink

There are some devices available in the market for keeping the trucking reviews, but BIT ELD is considered to be one of the best methods available in the market to keep trucking review. You don’t need to pay monthly dues and need to pay the amount at once while buying it. You don’t have to pay any annual dues, and there is no contract for you to abide. This is considered to be an excellent device for logging for the truck drivers. If you want to have no monthly plans which are typically there in case of other logging devices, then the BIT ELD would be the best option for you to have. The initial price of this device is a bit more than that of other methods but is an excellent money-saving option as it is free from any monthly dues. There are a lot of truck drivers who have a deep interest in BIT ELD because it is good to keep trucking review by this device than any other option available. It is affordable and accessible to use by the truck drivers.

This device has got 9, and six pin ports for plugging it in and the affordable price of it makes it more attractive for the people. There are no monthly service plans in using this device. You need to make only one payment, and then there are no annual dues too. You can manage the service hours by yourself without any fee. There is hardware available to make the purchasing of this device. The purchase price is affordable, and it’s an effect of compliance. Usually, the truck drivers face an issue of excessive costs but buying this device would be a better option for them because of its affordability.

You need to plug the device into the truck and then connect it to the cell phone with the help of Bluetooth. You can also join the tool with a tablet depending on the availability. Usually the truck drivers have their own mobile devices but still, if you want your truck drivers to have wholly assisted mobile devices with the BIT ELD, then it would be a bit costly as you need to spend money on purchasing the new cell phones.

BIT LED is a smart device to have a complete track record of the truck. It is easy to install and even more comfortable to use by the people who lack the skills to operate technological devices. It is affordable and is user-friendly. This device could be seen as expensive than other methods but is not. The different techniques are cheap at first, but you need to pay monthly and annual payments for them. But in case of this BIT LED, it is affordable and involves no monthly or yearly payments you need to pay the amount at once. It has got the customisation option and has reached the portability with all types of android cell phones and tablets.

How to know if someone is spying on your mobile phone?

Well, not too much but there are a few signs which could help you to know if someone really is spying on your mobile phone. These simple indications would let you know that if the device you are using is infected with any spy software or not. But this is not the same in all the situations and on all the device types but still, these indications may prevail when mobile has been installed with spy software. Following mentioned are some of the indications which would let you know if your phone is being monitored and to detect hidden spy apps on your device:

– High usage of data:

If the data usage per month is high than the regular use of data on your device then it is simple and obvious that someone has installed a spy app on the mobile phone you are using. Normally it happens when the spy software which is being used is of low quality and it collects a lot of data so that it might send the data of your device on another device. Well contrary, there is some other spy software which requires very less amount of data to spy on your device so it’s almost impossible to detect such app on your device when the amount of data being used is normal.

– The device remains active even in its standby mode

Normally when a device is in standby mode, there are no functions being conducted on it and the screen of the phone is also expected to be off but if spyware software has been installed on your device, the phone would definitely show the signs of activity even if it is in standby mode. There are also unexpected alarms or sounds from your device.

– Unusual reboots

When your device reboots without prior notification and without your command, then this is a sign of trouble for you and it simply means that someone is having remote access to your device and is having a spy on you. This is really troublesome for you because if someone without your permission could reboot your device, he/ she could also operate other things on your device.

– Unusual sounds

In past, when the technology wasn’t so advance, the phone lines were somehow unreliable and weren’t always stable but now due to the strength of networks, the phone lines have become so stable and it is usual to hear some odd voices and sounds but hearing the distant sounds might be the indication of a trouble and it simply means that your conversation is being recorded or tapped by someone.

– Odd messages

If you receive any odd and strange messages so often which contain some codes, symbols or numeric which aren’t understandable by you, then there might be a chance that someone has installed a spy app on your device to track all your conversations and details through your mobile device. In such situations, there is a high need for you to find hidden spyware on an Android device you are using.

Creating Online Surveys & Its Benefits

Are you looking for some online survey software? This article is for help. It has got multiple ways to create and distribute the survey among respondents. Respondents are those people who are targeted for a survey. Most of the surveys are done for research purpose. Just like big organizations who use online poll software, you can also create a survey. There are different benefits and outcomes. You can get the insight of your customers. Moreover, public opinion about the specific subject or a brand can also be derived from proper surveys. Organizations mostly do this with their employees to check the satisfaction level and their behavior. Not only this, the survey maker online helps you do this task instantly.

Creating Form

For creating a form, you have got multiple sections. The sections are used to divide a set of questions relating to various subjects. In one section you can add “hedonic motivation” and then add questions like “Do you like to give food voucher gifts to your friends and family.” In this way, a section for learning gratification can be added with related questions.

You can do it easy if you have online survey software. It will take a couple of minutes to design the whole survey.


In 2018, we have got number of ways to distribute the survey. The most effective is email. You can make a short link of form and send it to your peers via email. Don’t forget to add a small cover letter in it. It will help them understand why you are doing this survey. Similarly for employees, the HR department can send the survey in organizations email group or WhatsApp. Other ways of distribution includes Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


With online survey tools, the results can be seen in various forms. Charts and graphs are made in the result section if you are using a particular software. From that chart and graph result, it is easy for a surveyor to evaluate results. Most of the researchers use SPSS and AMOS to put their respondent’s data and then do data interpretation.

Benefits & Outcomes

Creating surveys online and distributing them brings several benefits. You can check the customer opinion about your service or a product. Similarly, public opinion is learned online for major purposes. Not only this, but HR departments of various organizations can make strategies after learning their employee insights through proper surveys.

Customer Oriented Surveys

These are sent to customers after selling products and service to check their experience. It helps in understanding post-purchase behavior.

Public Opinion

Governments use it for learning the public opinion about some matter. They can be effective in governance after having the survey results.

Survey For Employees

Organizations can change shift times, salaries and give bonuses according to the employee’s motivation checked after a survey.

It is the article for today. If you found it interesting, then don’t forget to share it with your peers on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Online questionnaire tool might help them as well. Do share your comments for feedback on this article!