Things to know before snorkeling

A lot of people still haven’t any idea what snorkeling actually is. They might have heard this term many times in their lives but hardly of any of them knows its exact definition. Snorkeling is actually an activity where a person gets to swim in or on the water with a diving mask and a snorkel that is attached to the swim fins. The snorkels usually wear a diving suit too and that totally depends on the temperature of the water. You can also snorkel by wearing the outfit that you have been wearing depending on your own choice but still the water temperature matters. Remember not to wear too many heavy clothes while you are on snorkeling. Following mentioned are some of the things for you to keep in mind before you start Molokini Snorkeling:

– Make sure that you are wearing the mask correctly

When you are beneath the water, the main thing which you really want is that your mask starts malfunctioning. Before you start, you need to check properly that your mask is set properly on your face and another thing is that it meets your face size. Remember that wearing a mask that doesn’t fit you is one of the biggest mistakes that one can even do in snorkeling. When you are under the water, you need to make sure that no water could get in the mask and if somehow you feel that there is some amount of water getting in the mask, you immediately need to recheck the mask straps so that it may be sealed properly. Sometimes it may happen that your mask is perfectly fit on your face while you are out of the water but as you go deep down, the mask starts snuggling due to the water pressure present there and it then becomes fitter.

– Positioning of fin

When you have worn your fins to snorkel, you need to make sure that the fins are positioned in a way that they face upwards. When you are still in process to select the best fins for you, select those which have got a snug fit. Don’t you think to snorkel with small fins as they might cause you problem while wearing a bit larger fins would be fine? You need to develop the understanding that with no fins, you cannot swim.

– Always defog

While snorkeling, it may happen most of the times that your mask starts fogging and then you end up seeing nothing and lose the point of snorkeling. Once you start snorkeling, you need to make sure that you have defogged the marks by cleaning it using a defogging chemical.

– Breathing practice

Once you have won the snorkel, start doing breathing practice being out of the water and then afterward too, you need to practice this by dipping your head beneath the water. One thing to make sure is that doesn’t bite the tube but just hold it with your teeth.