Online Magic 8 Ball Game

As a kid growing up in the 1990s, I remember how excited I was the day when I got my own Mattel Magic 8 ball as a gift. I was so jealous of my fifth grade friends who already won that I begged my mom to buy me of these toys of my own. For my twelfth birthday I got the ultimate present: the Magic 8 Ball!

The Original Mattel Magic 8 Ball

Looking back on it, she was a single parent so I really should have been grateful for her spending her hard-earned paychecks to buy me a piece of fortune-telling plastic. But I (like millions of other American kids) received untold hours of joy from playing with my Magic 8 Ball and asking it literally thousands of random questions. “Does Bobby from my science class really like me?” “Will I make a lot of money and become a millionaire some day?”

The Magic 8 Ball had a special way of always giving me a cryptic but promising answer. That is, until the sad and fateful day I asked the 8 ball a question and no answer was given. I had noticed the little question box becoming blurrier and blurrier over time, but then finally it just failed to appear completely. That was the tragic, sad end of the Magic 8 ball for me – until now!

Free Online Magic 8 Ball Game

While my plastic Mattel Magic 8 ball toy only lasted a few months before breaking, there is now an online magic 8 ball that can stand the test of time, offering you on-demand psychic predictions for as long as your heart desires and as long as your finger can click the mouse button. I have to admit, a sincere sense of nostalgia overcame me when a friend sent me an email with a link to the online 8 ball, inspiring me to share about this nifty little digital game with my readers.

The seventh-grader in me is so glad that a retro throwback piece of my 1990s childhood has been re-envisioned and lives on into the digital age and now has found a place online on the internet via equally fascinating website Legomenon where it can be enjoyed for free by people like me.

I hope like me you enjoy the countless hours you will inevitably spend asking the Magic 8 Ball silly or perhaps meaningful questions, in the process hopefully re-connecting and reengaging with a youthful side of yourself. We all could use a little more childlike magic in our lives, right? Couldn’t we all benefit from asking more questions and believing in the power of asking those questions? I know I am getting deep, but seriously – am I not right? Long live the Magic 8 ball!

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