Top Tips on How to Start a Mantra Chanting Practice

Practicing mantra meditation is considered one of the easiest ways to meditate. With more and more research showing how beneficial meditation is, I recommend choosing to start with a mantra or japa meditation practice over other types of meditation like zen, mindfulness or vipassana. From my years of practicing chanting, I have a few tips to offer you that will make this style of meditation easier for you which in turn will make you more successful at establishing meditation as a healthy habit.

To start a mantra chanting practice, try to embrace it as a daily practice. Like all meditation practices, it’s indeed advised to let things progress in a way that is inspired by joy but also infused with a little bit of discipline and willpower. Of course, if we go straight for the hardcore approach like I’m going to do 108 rounds of the long and complicated Gayatri mantra for the next six months, that’s a big task and probably we going to be a little bit unprepared for that sort of commitment. If you take on too much too quickly, you are likely to build up a little bit of resistance towards the practice, which is not something we want to. Meditation is something that we want to turn to as a joy, as something that we love to do, not something that we have to do.

My recommendation is to start small so that you can be successful. Even if you begin by chanting the bija mantra Om nine times, and then after a little while, a few days or a week, chant Om 27 times and stick with that for a while, always leaving a little bit of silence at the back end, from 27, moved to 54 and from 54 ultimately, move towards 108 rounds of the Om mantra.

It will be really helpful to find a place in a physical location that you can come to each day to practice your mantra meditation. Whether that’s somewhere in your room, or a quiet corner of your living room, just find a spot that is setup and ready to use for your meditation. you don’t have to set up a shrine or anything like that but you may find that is helpful to create your meditation space. If you cannot find a quiet place indoors, depending on where you live, it could be someplace outside in nature. The main thing is that it should be the same place that you make just for your chanting.

I would recommend to try and do your meditation at the same or similar time each day so that it becomes a habit. This way your meditation practice starts to cut pathways of habituation, positive pathways into your nervous system. The best time for meditation is in the hour or so leading up to the sunrise. That is when the energetics of the planet are most conducive to profound meditative experiences. Just before the sun wakes up we get this moment of life at its most calm and most tranquil and the mind can tap into that through meditation and certainly through mantra meditation.

Another thing to try is that when we are chanting out loud as a vocal mantra, try chanting all of the syllables of the mantra, and see the vibration mantra, or imagine that mantra, feel it moving from the base of the spine all the way to the top of your head. You can also inhale the arms up to the throat and then exhale through the top of the head, and with the exhale through the top of the head.

Lastly, I recommend using a Hindu rosary or Buddhist prayer beads to keep track of your mantra chanting. There are many resources to understand how to use meditation beads for chanting, so I will not discuss this here.

Over time mantra chanting becomes an internal practice, but the trajectory of the mantra stays the same. These tips should be enough to get you started with a little bit of mantra practice. If you need ideas for choosing a mantra for your chanting practice, check out this video below for some popular mantras:

Spouse Drinks Too Much On Vacation

Spouse Drinks Too Much On Vacation

People in support groups often bring up their spouses’ drinking habits on vacation. Many of the people I’ve met told me they saw their spouses’ alcoholic tendencies for the first time when they were traveling or on vacation.

Why does this happen? Why do people suddenly drink more when they’re on vacation?

Well, I believe there are multiple reasons for this. First of all, the best thing about being on vacation is that you don’t really have responsibilities. If you’re traveling, you have to wake up, eat breakfast, and walk around town to see the sights. That’s not a bad way to spend your day. You feel free and relaxed, and you are in a celebratory mood.

Which brings us to the second reason. Western society associates drinking with celebration. When something good happens, chances are at least one of the people around you would propose to drink to it. If you get a new job, you have to buy your friends some drinks. You get a promotion, you wine and dine your spouse. You’re on vacation, you try alcoholic beverages you normally wouldn’t at times when you would normally be sober.

Drinking On Vacation Can Be Harmless

But drinking on vacation is not necessarily something to worry about. I’ve met people who did not have a history of alcoholism drink their days away when they were on vacation. Even though this is not their normal behavior, it’s not necessarily a problem.

As I said, our culture believes drinking helps you relax, so people on vacation are prone to indulge when they normally wouldn’t. If your spouse doesn’t have a history of alcoholism and she or he only drink more when you’re on vacation, she or he might not have a drinking problem. They might have a problem relaxing.

Why Drinking On Vacation Is Problematic

Now, even though drinking on vacation can be harmless, it can also be problematic. Despite the fact that they’re vacationing, most people still have some responsibilities. If you’re traveling with your kids, you surely have to look after them. If you’re traveling to a foreign city or country, you might have to catch a certain bus or train. Drinking messes you up, and you might miss some opportunities for its sake.

Another problem with day drinking on vacation is that it affects your memories. Some of the people I talked to in support groups admit that they can barely remember some of their vacations because they were drinking the whole time. The days blend into each other and they can’t really remember their experiences.

My Experience With Vacation Drinking

And I can confirm this. I used today drink whenever my wife and I traveled before our daughter was born. I didn’t get drunk at breakfast, mind. But I usually started drinking at noon and drank the entire day. I drank a lot, but I spaced out the drinks so I wouldn’t get really drunk. I already had a tolerance for alcohol, so I thought the booze wouldn’t affect me. I was buzzed the entire day and I didn’t see any problems with that.

But looking back, I can barely remember where we traveled. I remember flashes and images. Most of the things I remember from our vacations are what my wife told our friends over dinner when we got back. I don’t have many memories of my own, and now I regret it.

And the worst part is, my vacation drinking continued for years, even after my daughter was born. We didn’t travel as much, but I still took some days off every year. I would spend days working around the house or visiting family, and I would continue drinking.

How To Design Your Life With A Coach?

Many people have thought upon how to find an online coach, and how one must design his or her life with a coach. People have written their blogs and books on the subject. They have discussed on what lifestyle design should be with a coach. There are twelve areas of life that need to designed; one’s physical body, career path, self-personality, romance and love life, home life, money and finance, self-education, vacations and leisure time, family and relationships, effectiveness and community impact, time and productivity, and personal spirituality and beliefs. There are three steps to begin the process of designing your life:

  • Speaking one’s dream
  • Busting one’s excuses
  • Keeping the promises

Speaking Out Your Dream

With a coach, the first step is to speak your dream out so that he becomes aware of what you really want to achieve, and what your goals are about lifestyle design. Many of the people has dreams that are somehow connected to those they used to have in their childhood period. Once you realize these dreams, you must ask yourself the reasons behind these dreams. If someone dreams to be rich, he or she must ask him or herself that why being rich is his or her dream, and in this way, he or she will be able to come to a deeper and better answer that life experiences have taught him or her to go after. One wants to be rich because one wants freedom to get whatever he wants or to fulfill the needs of his family. After recognizing the dream, one must focus on a specific area of the particular dream like richness comes into the category of finance and money. After this, your dream must be rated on a scale which will determine how deep you went on questioning yourself.

Busting One’s Excuses

The coach knows what are the things that hold one’s back from his dreams. These things are what people say to themselves to bring themselves to reality. These are:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I married to the wrong person.
  • It’s not going to work.
  • I don’t know anything.
  • It’s not a good idea.
  • I don’t know anything.

Such statements hold us back from following our dreams, and a coach realizes this. These are all the excuses that needs to be busted off.

Keeping The Promises

This is the step where one has to keep the promise that he or she has made to him or herself during the process. This is the important step as it confirms the consistency which is vital in achieving any goal. The coach helps the people in keeping these promises and does not let them lose the track towards attaining their aim.

This is the way one can design his or her life with a coach. The coach gets into your mind, realizes your dreams and goals, make you identify those dreams and aims, motivate you to follow them, and help you to keep motivated and enthusiastic in order to achieve those dreams and goals.

Is SOS free diet beneficial?

When it is about being on a diet, you need to thin as much as you can and you need to know all the basic categories and types of diets. There are the proverbial pendulum swings which are present between plant based and meat-based diets that contain low fat and high fats in everything included in these categories. However, selecting a diet plan needs an initiative and that initiative is taken only when you know your ultimate goals from a diet plan and the way you want to conduct it. SOS free diet stands for salt, oil and sugar-free diet and this diet plan is regarded to be the most famous and the most effective one especially healing the overweight issues and helping a person in spending a healthy life. Everyone is different in their lives and in their internal body structures as well though everyone needs to follow the diet plan better for them and which suits them well in efficiency. Following are some of the things which you need to follow or entering into the SOS free life:

– Cutting SOS doesn’t mean a complete cut-out

This diet’s name is SOS free diet either this doesn’t mean to be totally a cut out of Salts, oil, and sugar because this exactly can’t be done. You need to mix these substances in isolated forms in your feed which means that just their addition in foods in the whole form is needed to be avoided because the salt is isolated sodium; oil is an isolated fat and sugar too. You can also have a look at SOS free recipes to make your meals a bit exciting and tasty for your taste buds to enjoy. The logic here is that when you are consuming the SOS free diet, that doesn’t mean that SOS in any form won’t be included in your food because this doesn’t make any sense. The food products like veggies and some legumes are those which are rich in sodium and they also contain isolated sugar as well like there are avocado, seeds, nuts and sodium and many other things like that. So SOS free diet doesn’t exempt the total consumption of salt, oil, and sugar.

– Highly addictive

There are a common belief and a most used philosophy being the SOS free diet and that is the salt, oil, and sugar are the ingredients which become an addiction to our tongue as our tongue is naturally designed in a way that it can’t end up tasting real foods and our tongue gets addictive to the flavors which most of the times it gets. However, this addiction is a double trap for the people who want to shift on SOS free diet but they find it difficult because of addiction of the tastes. So in such instances, a person just needs to stick to an SOS free diet just for a month and even for a shorter span of time and after it, the tongue itself will get used to of SOS free flavors and tastes.

Why you should re-evaluate your after work routine (and some tips on how to start)

If you’re someone who wants to get a lot done when you come home from work but can’t seem to find the energy—you’re not alone. One of the biggest struggles for working professionals is finding time to either get things done at home or spend time on their hobbies.

The hours we spend after a workday can make a huge difference to our well-being. Sure, it can be nice to plonk down on the couch and watch a Netflix series after a long day, but what about all that laundry you need to do for tomorrow? And dinner? You can’t order take-out for the third time this week (well, you can—but do you really want to?) If you have a desire to be more on top of things, one of the first steps you need to take is to re-evaluate your routine.

  1. Prioritise on what needs to be done the next day

The night before, make a list of what you need to do for the following day and prepare everything. For example, if it’s laundry day take your basket of dirty clothes to the laundry room for sorting. If you have to do the dishes, make sure they’re all piled neatly in the kitchen sink ready for soaking. When it comes to making dinner, buy your groceries on the weekend (or whenever you have a day off) and meal plan before you go shopping. This way you will always have easy meals for dinner that do not require you to play guessing games with the fridge.

  1. Give yourself time limits

If all you want to do when you get home is lay down and open your laptop, allow yourself only if you check off an item off your to-do list. Whether it’s a household chore or a personal goal (like reading more) get it done before you relax. You can give yourself a time limit of 20 minutes to do what needs to be done. We all have days when we’d rather unwind, and that is okay. But you will feel better if you dedicate time to do the things that need to be done.

  1. Start healthy habits

It’s not easy to eat healthy if you haven’t planned in advance. Learn how to meal-plan and prepare the week before. Before going grocery shopping, plan your meals. This way you can avoid wasting food, and you have plenty of healthy meals to choose from each day. Don’t rely on your motivation everyday—there will be days when you don’t feel like cooking. That’s why it’s better to get it all done in one go.

  1. Stick to your goals

Having a 9-5 job can make it a challenge to stick to your goals outside of work, but if they are important to you then you must make them a priority. If you want to be a better surfer, or read 1 book this month, create space in your life that allows for extra beach time or a cosy space for reading.