Some interesting facts about typing speed and words per minute

Have you ever thought about taking a typing test? If not, we suggest you have one today and see where you stand. Keyboarding is an important skill that everyone must learn. While many people in the modern era don’t pay heed to it, some individuals do pay attention to their typing speed. You can take the typing classes or do some practice on your own but must not neglect the keyboarding. It helps you with your assignments as well as with the job. Many individuals are able to use basic software with much more fluency just because they know how to type well. Also, this makes you more productive and helps you in getting more done in lesser time.

But the thing here is that what is an average typing speed? What if you make some errors? At what age people learn to type? How will you become more fluent with keyboarding? We will answer all this below.

Average typing speed

The average typing speed is listed as 41 words per minute for an individual. The interesting fact here is that for females, the average speed is at 37 words while their counterparts tend to do a few words more as the clock at 44 words per minute. And anywhere you see WPM when giving a typing test, it means Words Per Minute.

Also, another interesting fact we found linked to the average typing speed was that girls tend to practice more typing as compared to the boys. Yet the males were able to have a better average typing speed.

Fastest speed

Considering the 41 WPM average typing speed, there are a few other facts that we would love to share with you. Do you know what is the most number of words the fastest English language typist can type? Well, any guesses? A stunning 216 words per minute is the peak speed of the fastest typist. And take it to the stenographer, the speed gets even better. The fastest stenotype is clocked at a mind-boggling 360 words per minute!

Average accuracy

While we have talked about the average speed and the fastest speeds, when you will take free typing test for beginners, you will see that there is an accuracy rating. It is nothing but how accurately were you able to type the given passage. Were the alphabets and capitalization all in order? Were the punctuations appropriate? Is there any mistake or typo? A flawless writing would earn you 100% while the one with errors will certainly go down in the accuracy percentage. In general, the average typing accuracy is at 92% which means that at an average every person has 8 types for every 100 words.

At what age should you learn to keyboard?

Well, there is no specific age limit when it comes to learning how to type. Usually, the individuals that are under 18 take typing classes during their school or as they plan to get the first job. However, it does not mean the elders cannot take it, after less than 18 years, the highest average by age group is for the individuals that are between 18 to 24 and then people who are 45+.

How to Wake Up Feeling Motivated Every Single Morning

How to Wake Up Feeling Motivated Every Single Morning

Each of us was in a situation like that – in the morning, at the sound of an alarm clock, we automatically pull the hand in search of the shutdown button to carve out a few more minutes of precious sleep. We know that we have numerous plans, but we are not able to cope with a feeling of fatigue and laziness. Experts advise paying close attention to your actions because they actually set the mood for the whole day. Use their recommendations.

Experiment with the Regime

The morning routine, as a rule, depends on how you prepared the previous evening. Before you fall asleep, you should take some time to plan the coming day -write down any details of current projects, questions or concerns that might bother you. Determine in advance what you need to get to work or study in order not to focus on such trifles. With such prior decisions, you will greatly simplify your awakening.

The Internet space is filled with books about the matutinal rituals of famous people, from Steve Jobs to Barack Obama. It is characteristic that their graphics are strikingly different from each other. Haruki Murakami starts work, being in a writer’s mood; the penman writes that he gets up at 4 am and composes till 6 o’clock. Then he runs about ten kilometers, reads or listens to music and goes to bed at exactly 9 pm.

His procedure differs from the schedule of Margaret Atwood, who proceeded to create the manuscript only in the afternoon. It is worth admitting that both were quite successful authors -there is no perfect recipe; you can build your mode the way you want. It has to support your motivation to achieve the declared purposes.

Besides, the difference in the graphs clearly demonstrates the presence of two types of individuals. The concept of a morning maniac refers to persons who may easily wake up and begin to perform the most difficult tasks. Amid their cohorts are the already mentioned Haruki Murakami and Ernest Hemingway.

The second category is the impulse creators – such people should swing a little after awakening, before feeling their willingness to accomplish great things. They need to concentrate on everyday deeds that do not require much brain effort; true, at the initial glance, it is not clear to which sort you belong. You should experiment with the schedule to understand your own predisposition.

If you consider yourself a morning maniac, try to get out of bed and immediately solve the harder assignment in your draft. Look at the previously compiled list and ask yourself which one leads to success. In case the approach works, apply it daily. The advantage of a similar procedure is that after the completion of an intricate problem, all the rest will seem relatively essay service online.

If you realize that the morning is not suitable for the mental activity, you should think about creating a productive impulse. The routine does not contribute much to an individual evolution while writing a book or scientific research opens up new horizons. Custom research papers are a convenient way to deliver the message to correct eyes.

Once you get into the necessary business flow, how your brain starts to work. The latter builds its potential from one goal to the next one, increasing the level of complexity. Choose several productive habits that need to be done immediately after the alarm sound. Teach yourself to wake in a good mood to be ready for vigorous functions. Your enumeration may have the next items:

  • Feed the cat
  • Drink a glass of clean water
  • Go to the gym
  • Take a cold shower
  • Prepare toast with jam

The above-mentioned list can be changed or continued. Calculate the time for the implementation of all these points – the fixed schedule works equally well for both freelancers and office staff. Do not be afraid to experiment – your aim is to find moments of inspiration and pacification.

Economics Essentials & Need Of Tutors

Economics seems to be different in the beginning, but once you read about it, you will realize it is something related to our life. We are always following the demand and supply rules of economics. We do it while writing something, working and planning for the whole day. The moment we realize that we have done something successfully, it is mostly due to our ability to process economics. Apart from that, this blog focuses on essentials of economics, tuitions, and the outcomes.

Why Choose Economics Degree?

There are several reasons to choose this field of study. The first reason is that economics is essential for every business. While many students learn economics from JC economics tuition and develop an interest for Masters and Ph.D. Moreover, a person holding economics degree is eligible for all time of business and sales job. However, it is little different from marketing and sales job.

International Marketing Demands

If you analyze the trend of economics tuition in Singapore, you will realize that more and more students are opting for Economics as a major subject in their degree. The reason is international market demands. According to the past studies, Singapore includes in those developed countries that are increasing trade and manufacturing every year. Land, labor, and capital are important factors in economics and Singapore are having them all. Therefore it is one of the big reason.

Markets, sellers, manufacturers, and government require economics graduate to practice the skills. A country with more economic experts and doctorates progress faster than those with fewer graduates. However, Singapore is a business hub for many big brands, and they tend to hire more local people for their business operations too.

Business Success Factors

Sales, economics, HR, and RD are an important part of every big organization. Have you heard about economies of scale production? It is the phenomena when a company produces the optimum amount of products with the best cost. Therefore every big organization needs economic professionals who help them with low cost and highly profitable productions.

Start A New Venture

Every multinational organization looks deeply on the economics of a country while going for offshore ventures. Whether it is a turnkey project or franchising, without a true understanding of a country’s economy a company cannot proceed to success. Then there is a need for micro and macroeconomist that can advise a company whether to invest in a certain area or not. Unilever and Nestle are the most common examples which are using the principles of economics.
Work In MNCs

Similarly, a person who is skilled in economics can find a better job. In international marketing, economics is a major part. All the 500 fortune companies hire economists for business expansion and better profitability.

In the end, it is very important to explain major parts of economics.


It deals on a bigger level. Macroeconomics is all about a country’s taxation, inflation, GDP and earning per capita.


It is mostly for the lower level where the concern is business production or service delivery.

Why would you need java assignment help?

There are numerous students that find themselves stuck with java assignment. While the language itself can be pretty interesting and opens up a lot of possibilities in front of you regarding what you can do, often you find yourself working with programs that seem pretty boring. Otherwise, the problems can be complex to solve and then there are instances when people are simply not being able to understand what they must do. There is nothing to shy about when you seek Coding Homework Help and here we will discuss why would you ask someone to assist you in your homework.

You are unable to understand what to do

The most basic thing about tackling with a java assignment is understanding what is being asked. There is often an answer inside the question and if you get the hack half of your problem is solved already. However, it is something that only a few programmers manage to do. Most of the time, you will see people scratching their head over what they must do and what is being asked from them. If this is the case, working on the assignment anyway may mean that you end up with something that is totally out of question and it will lead to poor marking. So, it is better to seek help if you find yourself in such scenario.

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You are facing difficulty in solving a problem

Now, let’s move one step ahead. You have acknowledged the question and understand what your tutor has asked you to do. However, you find out that it is not an easy task and you think for days and still you have no clue about what you must do. Any good program is first solved on paper and there is a proper thought processing and paper work before you start coding. But when you are not able to solve the problem on the paper, how come you will be able to code and make something that will help you in securing the marks?

Your code is not working

Ok, so you solved the problem on paper and you started coding. But there is a loop hole in the way you are addressing the issue and, due to that, when you are running your code you are facing errors. The program may not work at all because of the bugs or it may run but don’t perform as it is intended to be. So, what next? A few weeks thinking and you are closing to the deadline and still you don’t have any clue. Well, this is here you must consider taking java assignment help.

You need to get it done fast

There are times when you are stuck with something and are unable to get out of it. And as soon as you come out, you find that the deadline is around the corner and you won’t be able to complete the assignment. Other times, people try to tackle with the problem but they are unable to solve it or their written code may not work and the submission date is reaching fast. In that case, you would look to get the assignment done ASAP and for that the java homework aid can be taken into consideration.

How to Hire a Math Tutor

Sometimes it is essential for the child to get the assistance of a tutor. Finding a tutor to help you with math issues in your college or high school could be a challenging task especially when your child is not good at math. There comes a problem that you need to make sure that what type of tutor will best suit your child, a tutor with an educational background or one with a teaching certificate. There are some things which you need to take care about while hiring a math tutor.

There are categories of tutors which are not apparent but are still there. Some tutors are professional teachers but provide tutoring services in their free time. They are having experience and a teaching certificate too. The other category of the tutors has all the capabilities of a tutor, but they don’t have, but all the other skills and abilities would provide better grooming to your child. Other tutors have the degree in math and related subjects, and they are providing tutoring services in their relevant disciplines.

In simple words, it would be better to say that a professional tutor holding a certificate would be better for a child who has learning disorders and is complicated in learning things soon. If you are having trouble finding a private math tutor for your child, then search on Google or look for the newspaper ads regarding your concern. There are a lot of tutoring companies which will provide you with the best tutor according to your demands and interests. Hiring a tutoring company to search for an excellent math tutor is beneficial because it will make you sure that the tutor you are engaging is of professional background and safe to hire.

You can also hire a private tutor for math directly. Finding a tutor directly will take your efforts, and for this, you need to make a proper schedule by yourself. Finding a tutor by you is less costly and is flexible regarding schedule too. You can make the program by yourself and can change the timings or could make any adjustments by discussing it with the tutor. You can search for the math tutors by asking your parents and neighbors. You could ask the school administration of the child about an excellent math tutor.

You can also search for the tutor at online boards and community boards to search for advertisements about math tutor.

There are some tips for you to evaluate a math tutor to determine whether he suits your requirements or not and those are as follows:

You need to ask the tutor about

  • His teaching experience
  • His availability for the significant tests
  • His presence of accommodating skills with the learning style of the child.

By following these essential tips, you are more likely to get an excellent math tutor for your child to help him solve the math issues and problems he is facing.