Carpet Advantages of Green Carpet Cleaning

In a year, your carpet will endure a lot of abuse. Carpet fibers can quickly get caked with dirt and grime with everything from dirt and spills to pet dander and dust mites. It can make your rooms look grungy and smell. When you need to clean the carpet in your home, it’s time to consider Carpet Cleaning NYC the green carpet

Many of the chemicals that traditional carpet cleaning companies use may harm your carpet, the environment, and even your health. carpet cleaning NYC provides fresh, clean carpets without any toxic chemicals being used. Not yet convinced? There are a few main reasons why more people choose green carpet cleaning than ever:

  • It Produces Less Air Pollution
  • It Protects Your Family’s Health
  • Reduce the Amount of Water Waste
  • Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Oriental Rug Repair Guide: Before & After

Fabulous floor coverings are made by Oriental rugs. Fabulous floor coverings are made by Oriental rugs. Add color beauty, and warmth to the floor and elevate the whole room’s appearance. You want it to last undamaged for the longest time when you place one in any room. However, oriental rugs are subject to all kinds of damage-inducing experiences due to the very nature of their use. They’re going over. Heavy furniture creates dents that are irreversible. Moths eat away from the fibers and, of course, they often end up receiving all sorts of spills

While maintaining and cleaning your rug regularly looks clean and good, there are some instances when professional rug repair and restoration is needed to offset the effects of the tear over time. Carpet Cleaning NYC is aimed at preventing further damage or deterioration of the rug and preserving its beauty and value for several years to come.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning vs. Green Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaning methods involve using soaps, shampoos, detergents and even powerful solvents to remove dirt and stains from carpet fibers. As such, traditional cleaning agents usually contain harsh, toxic chemicals.

In contrast, green carpet cleaning methods prevent soaps and chemicals from being used, relying instead on environmentally friendly cleaners and advanced technology to clean and freshen the carpet. Green cleaners are environmentally friendly and non – toxic.

All you need to know about short term car leasing

For a number of drivers, leasing a car for a short time period is an attractive deal while others look up to the fact that what gives this edge over other solutions. While each of the alternatives has its pros and cons, including this one, the short term car leasing is one of the best ways to get a car and fulfill your needs. Talking about the best, it would be better to state that this is an easy and worry-free way of getting a car that is in good condition and affordable too.

But the questions are that what you can exactly expect from a short-term car lease? Who should really go for a short term car leasing? What makes it a preferred method over other options? We will answer these questions for you below.

Basics of short term car leasing

Getting a car on a short-term lease is much similar to the way you would get a car on a regular lease. However, the difference is that here, unlike a regular lease, you can keep the car for 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months. The biggest reason why people went for the alternatives was that generally, they got to have a regular or long-term lease which would work for 2 to 4 or even more years. However, with this option, you can get to keep the car for a short time span.

It is just about you not hiring a car for each day. Except, if you need for like 90 days, you get it once with the short term leasing choice. The fact is that this kind of deal is far better than a day to day hiring.

Who should opt for short term car leasing?

With the short-term leasing, the foreign drivers can benefit the most. If you are among people who are to a certain country or city of a specific number of weeks, for instance, 3 months, you can get a car on lease rather than hiring it daily and paying the rent. Also, it comes handy to the people who are given a job assignment and have to move to a certain city or country for some time. Moreover, people who go on long-term holidays do get the services of car lenders who can give it to them on a short-term contract.

Why you should go for it?

Getting a car on a lease is much more economical than having it on day to day basis. You don’t have to commit yourself to the deal for years and you will be able to get it at affordable rental rates. Also, depending on your deal, you get a chance to upgrade your vehicle every now and then, with the option of lease available for both personal as well as commercial use.

Final words

While there can be several other options, one is to purchase an old car. However, you don’t want to be stuck and spend your money on purchasing a cheap car, which would require maintenance each week, and will trouble you when it comes to reselling.

How to get cool t shirts for men?

Who does not love a good t-shirt? Well, there are a lot of people who look forward to purchasing some t-shirts. However, the problem is that they are unable to get a good shirt. Most of the people tend to look towards the right formula that may help them in purchasing the right shirt. It can be hard but isn’t impossible. While there are several well-known outlets all across the world, getting a shirt that matches your criteria and is also budget friendly becomes a tough ask. Here is what you can do to get cool t shirts for men for cheap.

Quality matters

First of all, whatever you are picking, make sure that you focus on quality. A lot of people buy shirts in bulk and end up with the ones that are manufactured using cheap material. This is not acceptable because the shirt will wear off once you put it on a few times. So, there will be problems and there is no purpose of spending a few dollars on a shirt that you will wear once and then it will become useless for you. Better spend a little more to get something of better quality.

Nail the fitting

Next up, you need to make sure that whatever you are buying is a perfect fit. There are individuals that would tell you about how a t-shirt won’t appear good on skinny individuals. While the fitter and healthier persons have an edge overlooking better in a t-shirt, there are places from where you will be able to get a piece that will appear good on skinny individuals too. It is just a matter of getting a size that is appropriate for you. If you don’t have a shirt that fits you, get a size that is close to your physique and get the shirt altered from a tailor or else have a custom ordered shirt. However, with t-shirts, it is very unlikely that you will have to do something like this.

Dress according to the event

A shirt appears to be good when you are dressing according to the occasion. For instance, a merry Christmas shirt will look great when you wear it on the corresponding event. However, picking it up some other day will make you appear odd.

The rest of the choice depends upon your liking. Some people prefer the plain ones or the shirts that have a small pocket. Then there are individuals that want to show off a certain mentality with printed t-shirts, representing a specific art. Moreover, you can deliver a message by wearing a shirt with a certain quotation.

Final words

So, these are certain things that one must consider when opting for a cool t-shirt. Everyone has a different taste so get a shirt you like and wear it proudly. Don’t be ashamed of the choice that you make. Just assure that you look good in it and for the rest, well, we can’t please everyone around us.

What Is Copy Trading Business and How Does It Work ?

Are you interested in copy trading? Do you want to know what exactly it is and how it can enable you to make money without trading skill and experience? Copy trading is simple. All you need to do is to copy an experienced trader to make profits from his experience. Copy trading will enable you to copy the actions of a trader. The process will be easy for beginners since they will get an automatic system to copy a trader. The system will be provided by their platform.

How does it Work?

As stated earlier, copy trading is all about to copy a trade of an experienced trader. You can copy any trader you want. For this, you will have to connect a part of your portfolio with the trader’s portfolio. Once you start copying, all his open traders will be copied to your account. You will be allowed to choose an amount to invest in any trade that you find profitable. In many cases, you might not be allowed to use a sum of more than twenty percent of your portfolio. For example, you have only 1000 USD in your account. You do not have open trades and you want to copy a trader. But you do not want to risk a big amount. In that condition, you can invest only 100 USD by copying that trader.

What Makes Copy Trading Beneficial

Trading is not easy for all especially for all those who want to start without any expertise and experience. If you try without industry knowledge, then there is every possibility that you will lose all your hard earned money. Therefore, it is important to enhance your skill before taking such a risk. You can choose a relatively safe option by copy trading. It will be beneficial if you choose an experienced trader. Otherwise, it is not going to serve your purpose. Copy trading will enable you to start trading and invest your money without trading skill. You can say that copy trading allows beginners to benefit from the knowledge and experience of better traders. You can follow their steps to invest your money and you can learn trading strategies from that process.

How to Make More Profits

If you allow your trader to handle your investment, you can raise more funds. Once a trade will be copied to your account, you can invest more to get more profits depending on the experience of your trader. Otherwise, you might lose your money. You should always keep in your mind that the win and loss of your trader will decide your profit and loss. So, it is important to act smart to avoid a big loss.

The best idea to raise more money is to invest in different traders. You can consider the performance of different traders to decide an investment. You will have the freedom to reduce and increase the amount of the investment. Initially, you might not make more profits. But once you will have the idea of different levels of traders and their trading ability, you can risk more money. Also, when some platforms will give more control over your investment, others might offer a fixed system.

What is a Fixed System?

In this system, you can start following your trader after he loses a certain amount. The system will enable you to control your funds manually. You can stop copying the traders to avoid any further risk.

Best Copy Trading Platforms

If you are looking for the best copy trading platform, you can consider eToro, Zulu Trade, Darwinex, Tradency, and Ayondo. All these platforms offer some advanced features to help the beginners to benefit from the experience of industry experts.

Copy trading has both positive and negative effects. For example, if your trader makes money, you will be able to make money. When he will lose his money, you are going to lose yours. The smart trading is the one where you only invest a small amount. Even if you lose the money, it will not affect much. However, if you find that the trader is capable of making huge profits, then you can invest more. Instead of blindly relying on the traders, it is important to learn from his experience.

Keep an Eye on your Pets with IP Cameras

Most of us love pets and consider them to be no less than a part of our families. We proudly call ourselves ‘pet parents’ and treat our little darlings just like our own kids. For us, nothing comes close to their cute little faces and we wish to witness all their naughty antics.

Many times, due to various reasons like work commitments, meetings, get-togethers with friends, etc, we have to leave them alone at home. At such times, leaving them in a pet hostel or in someone’s care is not a viable option. On the other hand, leaving them alone adds to our worry and concern about how they must be at home.

This is because, due to their innocent yet naughty antics, they might get themselves in troubles. There can be times when they simply feel alone and, in an attempt to get attention, they end up hurting themselves or may even escape.

But, worry not because we have a solution for it! Yep! You heard us right. Now you can head to all your plans and meetings without worrying about how your little goofballs are, back at home. The solution is a security camera installation (in particular IP cameras).

IP Cameras

Almost all of us are already aware of CCTV cameras and what blessings they are! And now, you can use a similar invention to ensure your pet’s safety.

IP Cameras are used to broadcast footages with the help of internet network. Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras can cover a larger area under surveillance, along with a comparatively higher number of cameras. Thus, you can get the double benefit of ensuring the safety of your naughty little monsters as well as safeguarding your homes.

With the help of IP cameras, you can get real-time updates instead of seeing just recordings. This means you will not need to call or send over anyone to get an update about your sweethearts. You can simply open the application or the software, see them safe, and just relax.

You can even go a step ahead and get interactive gadgets and programs installed, like automatic video call answering. With the help of such interactive systems, you can have a call conversation with your pets, as and when you want, when you are on an outing.

Word of Precaution:

However, it is necessary to understand how the cameras, video surveillance systems, and software work before choosing one. This means that you need to consider a number of factors and features like your space, type, and number of pets, your budget, etc. It is advisable to consider these factors before zeroing down on any of the IP Camera and related software provider so that you can get maximum benefit out of it.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the things like the wiring, the set-up, the overall installation, etc. The reason being none of us would like to imagine the consequences of our dear darlings reaching the wirings or sockets and the accidents.

Happy pet parenting!

This 100% Cashmere Scarf Will Keep You Warm This Winter

It is just that time of year: snows are falling, and the public transport is faltering. With the chilly wind blowing, we know are the winter is officially here. We are adding and removing layers of clothes when we are in and out of the house. One accessory – the winter scarf will help you to spend winter time much better – with warmth and in styles. The purpose of a winter scarf is quite practical, if you wear it in the right way, the wool scarf will keep you fashionably warm for this winter season.

100% Cashmere Scarves are traveler’s best friend in cold days. Being outdoors most of the time, you could use the scarves as cashmere wrap or cashmere shawl to insulate you from the coldness. Scarves become the essential stylish accessory on winter trips where the extra warmth is appreciated. Some are quite addicted to winter scarves for the cashmere scarf also compliments their outfits if appropriately dressed.

Fashion-conscious ladies will usually store up collections of scarves for different events and occasions. If you just start looking for fashionable and functional wool scarf for cold weather, you’ve come to the right place, here we will recommend 6 good winter scarves that will come with extra softness.

  1. Ovcio 100% Cashmere Scarf

If you already have an everyday kind of scarf and are looking for the luxurious one, the 100% cashmere scarf will be the solution. Compared with a wool scarf, cashmere scarf is very lightweight, warm and extra soft. The cashmere comes from the neck hair of some specific kind of mountain goats. The cashmere/pashmina is what keeping the baby goat from the freezing weathers in high mountains. That makes the 100% cashmere scarf all cozy and comfortable. The cost of the cashmere scarf is usually more expensive than a wool scarf, which ranges from $80~$500 depending on the brand and designs. Ovcio provides a wide selection of 100% cashmere scarf, check out the website with more styles.

  1. Lorami Wool Scarf

If the cashmere scarf is out of your budget, then wool scarf would be another great choice. Ultimate cozy and soft, the Lorami wool scarf is a reliable source for warmth and softness. Reviewers said: obsessed with the wool scarves with bright solid colors. They are my favorite travel scarf! I’ve used them as a wool wrap, a blanket, and shawl when I am on the plane or walking at night. These wool scarves are so thick and warm. Now Lorami offers 10% off for the first time customer buying this fantastic wool scarf.

  1. Burberry cashmere scarf

Unlike another cashmere scarf, Burberry has its unique plaid check pattern. So those who are the fans of Burberry check, the 100% cashmere scarf would add stylish texture to your dressings. The most popular colors this year are the camel and pink. If you have a hard time making a decision, go to a physical store and try on the cashmere scarf in different colors. Always go with the one that makes you glow.

  1. Fringe cashmere scarf

The fringe details make the scarf look different. It enlightens simple outfits and focuses more on styles. The fringe cashmere scarf is easy to mix layers that look good paired with denim and booties.

Things to know before snorkeling

A lot of people still haven’t any idea what snorkeling actually is. They might have heard this term many times in their lives but hardly of any of them knows its exact definition. Snorkeling is actually an activity where a person gets to swim in or on the water with a diving mask and a snorkel that is attached to the swim fins. The snorkels usually wear a diving suit too and that totally depends on the temperature of the water. You can also snorkel by wearing the outfit that you have been wearing depending on your own choice but still the water temperature matters. Remember not to wear too many heavy clothes while you are on snorkeling. Following mentioned are some of the things for you to keep in mind before you start Molokini Snorkeling:

– Make sure that you are wearing the mask correctly

When you are beneath the water, the main thing which you really want is that your mask starts malfunctioning. Before you start, you need to check properly that your mask is set properly on your face and another thing is that it meets your face size. Remember that wearing a mask that doesn’t fit you is one of the biggest mistakes that one can even do in snorkeling. When you are under the water, you need to make sure that no water could get in the mask and if somehow you feel that there is some amount of water getting in the mask, you immediately need to recheck the mask straps so that it may be sealed properly. Sometimes it may happen that your mask is perfectly fit on your face while you are out of the water but as you go deep down, the mask starts snuggling due to the water pressure present there and it then becomes fitter.

– Positioning of fin

When you have worn your fins to snorkel, you need to make sure that the fins are positioned in a way that they face upwards. When you are still in process to select the best fins for you, select those which have got a snug fit. Don’t you think to snorkel with small fins as they might cause you problem while wearing a bit larger fins would be fine? You need to develop the understanding that with no fins, you cannot swim.

– Always defog

While snorkeling, it may happen most of the times that your mask starts fogging and then you end up seeing nothing and lose the point of snorkeling. Once you start snorkeling, you need to make sure that you have defogged the marks by cleaning it using a defogging chemical.

– Breathing practice

Once you have won the snorkel, start doing breathing practice being out of the water and then afterward too, you need to practice this by dipping your head beneath the water. One thing to make sure is that doesn’t bite the tube but just hold it with your teeth.

Amazing Features of Magnetics You Did Not Know

Buying magnets depends upon the use of magnets and each magnet has some specific characteristics and their use is determined according to the characteristics of the magnet. There are the basic two categories of magnet including offered by this magnets company:

  • Neodymium magnets
  • Ferrite magnets

The manufacturer in the circumstances and situations like follows recommends ferrite magnets:

  • Rigid resources
  • High Temperature
  • Outside use
  • Little aesthetics vital

Neodymium magnet is referred to be used in the below mentioned situations

  • Especially high bonding agent force needed
  • Limited gap
  • Need of slight burden
  • Nice coating
  • Price

The cost of Ferrite materials is just a fraction of the NdFeb Material. The bonding force of the neodymium magnet is 10 times more than of the ferrite magnet. If the bonding force per kg is calculated, so the calculations will show that the according to the bonding force ferrite magnets are about 3 times less expensive than the neodymium magnets. This price analysis proves to be true in case of ring or block magnets and also for custom magnets bulk.

We can only take the cost advantage on purchasing magnets only when the size and weight of the magnets doesn’t matter. This is so because the weight of ferrite magnets is so much more than that of neodymium magnets but they both have some bonding forces.

  • Stability of price

Neodymium magnets are more subject to price fluctuations because they are manufactured from rare earth metals, while the ferrite magnets have nothing to do with price stability.

  • Resistance from temperature

Neodymium magnets are not temperature resistant, they are more often to lose their magnetization at 80 degree temperature while the Ferrite magnets are designed to be used in the temperate more than 250 degree which is too high for the neodymium magnets to survive. Neodymium magnets can only survive less than 40 degree of temperature.

  • Outdoor use

Neodymium magnets are restricted to be used for indoor purposes, while the Ferrite magnets are dust and rust resistant and they could be used for the outdoor purposes.

  • Fragility

Neodymium is so easy to break and they could be cracked easily. Due to this fragility, neodymium magnet can also cause injuries to the users. Ferrite is tough to break, if you want to break it you need to put heavy strain on it.

  • Losing bonding force

Both the magnets don’t lose their bonding force by themselves. Different external factors are there by which the magnets are demagnetized. These external factors may include heat, natural factors and strain.

  • Normal tolerances

Neodymium magnets normally have the tolerance of +/- 0,1 mm. But the tolerance is complicated in case of the ferrite magnets.

  • Transport

The ferrite magnets have very weak magnetic field and thus this can be protected quite with no trouble. Neodymium magnets need protection and more effort to send these magnets. These magnets if transported, should be send with 22 mm distance from each other otherwise, there would be a chance of demagnetization of these magnets.

The Last-Minute Moving Office Checklist for First Timers

When you had to relocate your office, you may think you have a lot of time and keep postponing your packing further and further until the time comes when you realize that you don’t have even half the necessary time. And on top of that, if you are moving out for the first time, there are a lot of things that you wouldn’t know and this would add much more stress. It is so easy to get panicked during such times but the key to successfully complete your relocation even when you don’t have sufficient time is to stay calm and think smart.

The very first thing that you can do during your last-minute packing is to hire one of the best moving companies. This will relieve you of the stress about finding a vehicle to move your office things and plan about the logistics which will all be taken care of by them. You will just have to concentrate on packing your things and keeping it ready for the movers.

Get the help of your office colleagues

During the last-minute packing, you will need all the extra hands that you can get and therefore ask your office staffs to pitch in with the packing. When you have just a few days left and a whole office to pack, it is better to allocate jobs to people and get it done fast. Get help from families, friends and employees as much as you can. This is also one of the easy ways to move on a budget. If a lot of employees are ready to pitch in, it can easily slash the amount of packing jobs.

While allocating the jobs, it can better if the responsibility of the packing their own things is given to each employee, like packing their own desk, the files that they are responsible for, their stationery items, etc. This will avoid any conflicts that may arise when you unpack if the employees take responsibility for packing their own things.

Keep the right packing materials ready

It can’t be stressed enough about the importance of your choice of the packing materials. Even though you are packing swiftly, don’t forget the bottom line of it – to keep all things safe – and the right packing materials can go a long way to help you with that.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to buy large quantities of bubble wraps, clothes, sponges, crates, packing tapes, etc which are all required to pack efficiently. Good quality packing materials are crucial to avoid any reworks or damages to your valuable things.

Know the right way to pack

Since you are moving your office for the first time, ask the help of someone, who has good experience in packing, to know the nuances of using the right method to pack. Last-minute haphazard packing isn’t going to help anyone. Packing your things properly and efficiently will help to avoid wastage of time.

When you are using your friends and employees to pack the office, teach them too about the procedures to pack smartly and properly.

Get your office move insured

This must be one of the first steps that you need to do and in case if you have missed, now is the good time as any to get your relocation insured. As you have a lot of electronic devices, pricey equipment, and furniture to move, it is always best to ensure them to have a safety net in case of any unfortunate incidents.

Take care of the important stuff first

When you start packing, there are possibilities that things may get mixed up during the transit and this may prove to be quite cumbersome when you set up your new office. So start with packing the stuff that’s most important so that it doesn’t get mixed up with other things. It may be important files, equipment or any products. Take care to pack them with elaborate packing materials so that it doesn’t get damaged during the transportation.

After you have packed the important stuff, start packing the stuff that you will need immediately when you reach the new location. Label and name the boxes clearly making it easy for everyone to find the things they want in just a few minutes at your new office.

Inform your customers

It is possible to get lost with the stress of the move but doesn’t ever forget to inform your customers about your relocation! Not only your customers, any other partners you have, companies whose services you use and pretty much everyone else with whom you have regular contact with should be intimated about your move.

Send out an email to everyone informing about the date of the move and giving them your new office address. Also, inform the redirection of all posts to your new address from then on.

Update the company information

As you are informing everyone about your new office, make an update in your business cards and websites about the new address too. If you have listed a landline number for your office, it will change upon your arrival at the new location; so register beforehand for phone connection and update the new phone number on your website, business cards and in any other places where you have mentioned your old phone number.

Make sure to take backups and strengthen security

There may be some important office information that you couldn’t afford to lose and it is important to maintain your data security. It is best to take such items with you but in case if it is of huge volume, take their backups. Make copies of them and store it on hard disks or CDs and keep it with you.

And when you are moving your computers, put a strong password protection for it and ensure that there is no direct access to any of the company information on all the computers. Ask the employees to remove whatever personal information they have stored in and sign out from all applications that could easily give access to your company’s data.

Review your new office

As you are busy getting everything ready for relocation, don’t forget to check in with the new location and see if it is ready for you to occupy. Proper lightings, wirings, power connections, and water connections should be made ready before you move in. If some things are not ready, do follow up frequently and get it done soon before you move.

Leave a little for the movers

If you have hired any of the removal companies, there is nothing wrong to leave a little for them. When you have worked all night to complete packing but couldn’t do so, you can always leave some portions for the movers like packing furniture and equipment which are jobs that need a lot of manpower and energy. You may be charged a little extra for that, but at the last minute, it is better to let them do the job fast and with efficiency than you attempting for the first time haphazardly.

So start with packing all the little things by yourself and leave the packing of the bigger things for them. Be ready to spend a little from your pocket but it could totally reduce a lot of work for you.

In case if you are ready to spend more money on packing, you can hire a trusted removalist to assist you in packing your whole office.

Do check this blog:,com,au/

Things not to be missed in a desert safari

Desert safari in Dubai is full of happening and excitement and Dubai safari are almost at an hour’s distance from the city. For most of the people spending time in a desert has no thrill and for them, there is nothing exciting in spending a night in a place surrounded by dessert and sky full of stars overhead. But for some people, desert safari provides them time to enjoy themselves by seeing the beauty of nature. Yet here are some of the things which no one at a desert safari should miss:

– Camel safari

Desert safari would be more adventurous when you are sitting on a camel’s back and having the view of the desert. Well, most of the times the camel ride is just complimentary where you can ride a camel for about 15 minutes in a large circle and that is also provided by the safari camp. But that’s nothing to get confused because you can enjoy the fun of camel safari just by paying an additional cost and in that situation, the camel safari would last for about 50 to 60 minutes being out of the vast desert. While you are with a knowledgeable guide, the things would be smoother and the situation would be easy to handle. For the beginners, the camel ride could be a bit bumpy but soon you would become used to of it.

– Sandboarding

You should also try for sandboarding while you are on a desert safari. Well in most of the desert camps, this is offered as a complementary activity for the visitors and it really seems easy when first heard. What you need to do in sandboarding is make your way up in a sand dune and it is not that easy because every step you take forward would bring you two steps back from your way and at the end you have to make it to the top. One thing which would make sandboarding a bit easier for you is that you should apply some quantity of the wax under your board so that there would be less friction between the sand and your board. For the people who are beginners and they are afraid of sandboarding could just start by sitting on the board rather than standing.

– ATV adventure

Camel safari is adventurous but you can also enjoy adventure by being on an ATV. However, when you do your desert safari on an ATV, more speed is added to the trill and you have a great experience of enjoying zooming up and down of the sand dunes. Being in the supervision of an experienced guide makes this easier for you as this is how you would be easily navigated for the upwards slopes and you hardly got stuck at any point of your journey.

– Dune bashing

Dune bashing is thrilling and full of excitement. If you are unfamiliar with it, it’s simply is a rollercoaster ride of topsy-turvy 4 x 4. In dune dashing, you would be driven on sand on various speeds and it is not that easy how it sounds because sand is unstable due to which dune dashing demands a specific type of skill.