Camping For Beginners in 2018


Are you looking for camping this year? Many people want to do out for camping, but they are confused due to some questions. Here are some of the important things that you must know if you intend to plan camping in 2018. First thing is making a plan and choosing the destination. The next step is to complete the stuff for camping. Last is the safety equipment that you must carry. Moreover, most important of all is the budget. Every camping trip on vacation includes buying of certain new stuff that is essential for camping. After reading this article don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


There are multiple destinations for camping. Some people like to camp on seaside or riverside. While some prefer forests. The main problem with the forest is it is not safe for children. If you are carrying newborn with you, then the preferred destination is sea side. Private beaches are a little bit expensive, but they have endless facilities. However, mountains and forests are very good because it gives more peace and calmness. Most of the couples love to camp around forest because they enjoy privacy and the beauty of trees.


Here is a list of following equipment that is required for camping:

Air Mattress

They are air-filled mattress which is easily packed to carry. You can pack them and put in the backyard when you are not going camping. Similarly, you can fill with air.

Tent Poles

If you are planning to look for a 6 person tent reviews, then the best thing is to buy some tent poles. They are essential to set up a tent and do camping outside.

Sun Shade

One of the most important thing when you are planning to camp on the riverside. The sun will hit you directly, and you must have shade to avoid sun radiation.

Sleeping Pads

Most of the people use sleeping pads. They are light weight and easy to carry.

Sleeping Bags

It is the complete sleeping solution. You can zip up the bag and carry it anywhere. Some sleeping bags can be carried in backpack as well.

Repair Kit

You can face situations when your tent or equipment may not work. In such situation, the most important thing to carry is a repairing kit. It will help you with repairing few cooking stuff and tents as well.

First Aid Kit

The essential thing is first aid kit. It helps to heal wounds and do bandage whenever required. If you are carrying kids along with you, then don’t forget to put first aid kit also.


Smart costing is very important. Make your budget in the beginning and spend more on experience. Buying good things at budget price is also important. It gives you a sense of security and saves lots of bucks to spend later too.

This article intends to give maximum information about tenting and camping. Do not forget to share it with your family and friends.

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