Bosch Cordless drill features and benefits

The Bosch Cordless drill has most features sought after cordless drills, for example:

  • It should be compatible with all the drilling spaces
  • It should have a fairly lightweight
  • It should be able to offer the basics of a good battery which is long battery life
  • It should be resistant to scratches

Bosch Cordless Drill


This drill provides a lot of power that comes with over 20 clutch settings and high speed

It has the ECP life length technology, contributes to the efficiency of the machine.

The compact nature allows it to be used informally tight surfaces

It has a reasonable weight that anybody can work with

The led lighting takes care of the lighting issues

Its battery provides long years of service when well maintained


Most of the tools that relate to this machine are expensive to acquire

The LED lighting can only provide lighting on the surface that is being worked on but does not penetrate through.

It is a high energy consumption such that the batteries have limited lifespan

The batteries take a pretty long time to attain full charge

These are standard equipment with definite features that you will like to work with. All drills are not created equal. A great number of them consist different components which would serve all your drilling sites. Looking for other drills? Read this article on the best cordless drills.


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