Boomr: The Best Employee Time Clock App & Time Tracking Software for Remote Workers

If you are a business that looks up to tracking their employees’ work, it would be pretty hard in the traditional way. The time sheets tend to lie and you cannot track the workers efficiently enough. As a result, you may end up paying way more than you should be. So, to solve the problem, the time monitoring applications are available in the market and what can serve you better than Boomr.

What is Boomr?

Boomr is a time clock app which acts as the time tracking software and helps you to simplify the timesheets. It allows you to track the working hours of your employees exactly to each minute while helping you in reducing the time theft which is usually present on the timesheets. Also, as the employees know that they are tracked and are monitored, they get a boost in the productivity as they are aware that the performance is being tracked.

Such apps prove to help businesses save money by exactly tracking the working hours of their clients and paying them accordingly. Also, Boomr helps you to track your worker’s location with the help of its GPS location tracking feature which allows you to see the exact location of your employee when he is logged in and working for you. To add up to your convenience, it provides you a chance to easily review the timesheet reports as you proceed to the payrolls and billing.

Why time tracking with Boomr?

As stated, Boomr is an employee time clock app with GPS that helps you in tracking the working of your workforce. It helps in increasing accountability among your workers which will ultimately have a positive effect on their performance. They become more efficient and you get to track them without any trouble. As you are tracking the working to each minute, you end up creating the perfect payrolls and make sure that the invoice reports are all accurate.

Apart from that, such apps allow you to generate numerous reports. For instance, you can simply go with the employee productivity reports to start as you will take a look at a worker and how he has been working with you. And in modern time, automating the task and working in your office is what every company looks up to.

Moreover, Boomr helps you to track the overtime any employee puts in which is convenient for both worker and employer. You will be easily tracking the extra time and can generate the payrolls accordingly. Also, the project tracking can be conducted using the app and it actually allows you to manage the tasks smoothly with hassle-free shift management. Set up custom alerts and reminders for your workers and keep records without error as you work.

Final words

It is of no doubt that employee time tracking certainly benefits businesses. If you want to experience in real time, Boomr is offering you a free trial. You can consider it to find out whether it will work for you or not before going premium.


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