BIT ELD by Blue Ink

There are some devices available in the market for keeping the trucking reviews, but BIT ELD is considered to be one of the best methods available in the market to keep trucking review. You don’t need to pay monthly dues and need to pay the amount at once while buying it. You don’t have to pay any annual dues, and there is no contract for you to abide. This is considered to be an excellent device for logging for the truck drivers. If you want to have no monthly plans which are typically there in case of other logging devices, then the BIT ELD would be the best option for you to have. The initial price of this device is a bit more than that of other methods but is an excellent money-saving option as it is free from any monthly dues. There are a lot of truck drivers who have a deep interest in BIT ELD because it is good to keep trucking review by this device than any other option available. It is affordable and accessible to use by the truck drivers.

This device has got 9, and six pin ports for plugging it in and the affordable price of it makes it more attractive for the people. There are no monthly service plans in using this device. You need to make only one payment, and then there are no annual dues too. You can manage the service hours by yourself without any fee. There is hardware available to make the purchasing of this device. The purchase price is affordable, and it’s an effect of compliance. Usually, the truck drivers face an issue of excessive costs but buying this device would be a better option for them because of its affordability.

You need to plug the device into the truck and then connect it to the cell phone with the help of Bluetooth. You can also join the tool with a tablet depending on the availability. Usually the truck drivers have their own mobile devices but still, if you want your truck drivers to have wholly assisted mobile devices with the BIT ELD, then it would be a bit costly as you need to spend money on purchasing the new cell phones.

BIT LED is a smart device to have a complete track record of the truck. It is easy to install and even more comfortable to use by the people who lack the skills to operate technological devices. It is affordable and is user-friendly. This device could be seen as expensive than other methods but is not. The different techniques are cheap at first, but you need to pay monthly and annual payments for them. But in case of this BIT LED, it is affordable and involves no monthly or yearly payments you need to pay the amount at once. It has got the customisation option and has reached the portability with all types of android cell phones and tablets.

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